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With a focus on wellness and teleworking. How are the amenities for post-pandemic life

Telecommuting bubbles, running tracks just steps from the elevator, electric eco-bike stations for use by owners, a special area with lockers for receiving and storing packages, and a fresh delivery room with cold rooms to store supermarket purchases. Those are just some of the post-pandemic amenities of many of the buildings that are now being built in different neighborhoods of the city. Undoubtedly, the new normality installed other customs and ways of living and those changes are already being transferred to several residential projects in Buenos Aires.

MilAires is a low-rise complex in the Villa Devoto neighborhood that is being built under the concept of urban country. But beyond the green areas and common spaces such as pools and barbecues (there are also in each department), the original project of the developer Ecipsa underwent modifications due to the pandemic. “Covid redefined several things in terms of concept. It could be said that it forced a redefinition to make urban life easier”, says Juan Pablo Maglier, from Ecipsa, who emphasizes that the idea of ​​entrepreneurship is to provide solutions for work, family and social life.

The electric eco-bike station for the use of the owners is one of the bets of Mit Hollywood in Palermo

A clear example is the 800 linear meter running track (it will have a rubber surface to prevent injuries) that was incorporated into the final project after the noise generated by the runners during confinement; the coworking and yoga space (activity that exploded during the confinement) also responds to this new logic. Even the area for pets and the eco-bike and skateboard station are explained from post-pandemic life, which made many adopt new mobility strategies. For those who still move in traditional ways, it is planned that there will be a transfer service linking the complex with the nearest train and subway stations.

Emerged in the 90s, the amenities once again demonstrated that they have a high impact on the purchase decision. “The concept did not fall into disuse; on the contrary, the new normality showed that they are very important as long as they are well targeted. The challenge is responding quickly to social changes and optimizing costs so they don’t impact expenses. That is, they are not an economic burden. The idea is that the concept of full amenities also means that it is something fully accessible”, says Maglier.

The fresh delivery room in Alto Grande Assembly is a solution to store the products that arrive from the supermarket without having to wait for shipment
The fresh delivery room in Alto Grande Assembly is a solution to store the products that arrive from the supermarket without having to wait for shipment

In the south of the city Alto Grande Assembly (a few meters from Parque Chacabuco) will be a building with 300 apartments with “amenities of the future”. With a strong commitment to new ways of living and working, they project 24 fully soundproofed bubbles for teleworking with internet connection for video calls or homeschooling. To these boxes are added meeting rooms equipped for business meetings. But work is not everything: there are several leisure activities inside the building, among which the running track stands out – an aerobic circuit on the terrace that allows outdoor activities with an unparalleled view of the city – minigolf and putting green, various recreational green spaces and playgrounds for children. In addition, a relaxation room with Balinese beds, a micro-cinema and a karaoke room to complete the proposal.

MilAires coworking space
MilAires coworking space

“You could hardly ever get out of the building and have a good time,” summarizes Gabriel Maioli, director of M&M Real Estate Developments. The most innovative, according to the builder, is the fresh delivery room, a refrigeration chamber to keep and store food orders from residents and the box delivery room that acts as a warehouse to receive e-commerce packages, something that it is also a direct consequence of the pandemic. “The spirit behind these amenities is what I would like to find as a user. The fresh delivery room does not exist anywhere and it is a concrete solution to avoid having to wait 4 or 5 hours for the order to arrive from the supermarket. Same with packages. I don’t know if the amenities determine the purchase, but they certainly help,” says the developer.

The environment is also part of the agenda of the new post-pandemic amenities. The Mit Hollywood is a building that will have 1000 square meters of amenities and will make a big commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency with the implementation of chain heating systems, hot water, high energy efficiency elevators and water collection tanks. rain. “We have also incorporated garages prepared to charge electric cars and electric bicycle service as part of the amenities package. The owners will be able to reserve and see the availability of the bicycles through an app or through the security personnel of the building. The use will be for a certain time”, describes Martín Funes, director of Meta Desarrollos.

The running truck of Alto Grande Assembly, a track to exercise at height and outdoors
The running truck of Alto Grande Assembly, a track to exercise at height and outdoors

Attentive to the new challenges that the pandemic brought, Funes assures that there was an awareness in the way in which we relate to our home. “We are proposing architectural solutions that lead us to improve people’s quality of life. For the future we are thinking of even more disruptive projects with the implementation of a greater number of elements related to biophilia, wellness and services”, anticipates Funes, who calculates that people are willing to pay between 10 and 15% more in buildings that are close to green spaces and have bicycles or a space to store them.

Of course, despite innovation, traditional amenities are still the most valued. In fact, a survey carried out by Mudafy highlights that the pool, the SUM and the grill make up the podium of those that cannot be missed. Because classic never goes out of style. And the developers know it.

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