May 16, 2022 3:54 pm

What will February 2022 be like according to your rising sign?

The month begins with Venus already direct after its retrogradation and Mercury will also turn direct on the 3rd.. Some issues that were on pause are reactivated. Simultaneously, the New Moon in Aquarius will lead us to focus on our need for space, restricting the attention we give to the other.. This search for freedom, added to the Moon-Neptune-Jupiter triad, will make us dreamy and will exacerbate our intuition. What we thought and felt this first week may be the key that helps us stay on track against the astral avatars of the second week of the month. Actions that can hurt, emotional outbursts, misunderstandings between what we think and what we feel and intense conversations, guided by the ego, can be avoided if we pay attention to what lit up in us the first three days of February.

Valentine’s Day arrives at a somewhat turbulent time, but the waters will calm down from the 17th, once the full Moon in Leo has passed and with the help of Jupiter. The peak of intensity will be between the 21st and the 24th: be careful what we say and the promises we make. From those days, and until the end of the month, Jupiter’s help will make itself felt more and will leave the stage ready for March to receive us with good surprises and intense encounters.

Verónica Barrionuevo, astrologer behind @translatethesky He tells us how things will go in love, health and money next month, but not before giving us a general overview of the astrological events that will mark the next few days.

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