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What saint is celebrated today, Saturday, January 29? Everything you need to know about today’s saints



Saint Valero of Zaragoza It is celebrated today, Saturday, January 29, 2022 according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

He was the bishop of Zaragoza during the Council of Elvira. When the persecution began, he was arrested and taken to Valencia, where he was imprisoned. He suffered immense pressure to apostatize, but he flatly refused and therefore had to go into exile. He is the current patron saint of the city of Zaragoza.

The Catholic Church celebrates the name day of some of the canonized people every day of the year. Today Saturday January 29, 2022 is Saint Valero of Zaragoza and 554 in Spain celebrate their saint. Although today it is known by the aforementioned day, people named Gildas the Wise, Constancio de Perugia, Mauro, Papías, soldier, Sabrina, Sarbelio, presbyter, Serrano, Sulpicio Severo, Valero de Zaragoza, Valerio de Tréveris also commemorate his saint. ..

The day of the feast of the saints has its origin in our culture thanks to the catholic tradition who settled in Spain. But what does it really mean to celebrate the saint? Catholicism has taken each of the days of the year to remember (commemorate) to those illustrious Christians who, moreover, suffered the persecution of those who repudiated the Catholic faith.

The Roman martyrology collects the names of the saints as we know it. This name alludes to a kind of catalog that the Vatican updates by admitting new saints after canonization.

Right here you can consult the complete list of saintly that we can celebrate today Saturday, January 29, 2022 in reference to the Catholic tradition that has to do with Spain. Discover who are the saints or saints that you can congratulate today, in

What saints are celebrated today, January 29?

In addition to celebrating Saint Valero of Zaragoza, which we celebrate today, other onomastics are commemorated in the Catholic Church. This is due to the large number of saints who, through the centuries of history, have been earning this distinction. For this reason, today, January 29, we also celebrate:

  • Gildas the Wise
  • Constantius of Perugia
  • Mauro
  • Papias
  • soldier
  • Sabrina
  • Sarbelio
  • presbyter
  • Serrano
  • Sulpicius Severus
  • Valero of Saragossa
  • Valerius of Trier.

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