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We are dead: the South Korean Netflix series that shocked the audience with its unexpected ending

During the last years, South Korea became a world leader in the entertainment environment. It all started with the K-pop bands that, thanks to the mixture of catchy songs and charming artists, managed to position themselves among the most acclaimed musical groups of the moment. The South Korean boy and girl bands were only the first step for the Asian country to export part of its culture to the rest of the world and, now, They also set trends with their incredible fictions. Within this phenomenon is framed the resounding success of the squid game, a series that ranks among the most viewed in Netflix history. But nevertheless, there is a new production that threatens to steal the position.

The series is about a group of students who must survive a zombie

We are dead It was released on January 28 and consists of a single season made up of 8 episodes that range between 50 minutes and an hour each. The duration is quite long but that did not stop Netflix users, most of whom finished the entire series less than 24 hours after it was published. That was enough for the South Korean production will be among the 10 most viewed on the platform of streaming and that it became one of the most debated topics in social networks.

But… What is the fiction that captivated the Argentine people about? We are dead It is based on the webtoon Now at Our School by author Joo Dong-geun, published between 2009 and 2011. The premise is very simple: A group of high school students are trapped at school in the midst of an outbreak of a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies. and his biggest challenge is clearly surviving.

Official poster of "We are dead"
Official poster of “We are dead”net

Although to many people the theme of the undead may seem trite and even unnecessary, We are dead It’s not just another series about zombies. The story reveals the complex dynamics between teenagers and the strange political system that emerges among young people. while trying to survive a misfortune. According to journalist and film critic Sara Merican, fiction focuses on how much of misfortune falls on the group of marginalized who have no “allies” strong enough to survive.

After several episodes that show how the students try to escape in vain while witnessing the death of most of their classmates, On-jo, Su-hyeok, Dae-su, Ha-ri, Mi-jin and Hyo-ryung make it to the quarantine center. In the process, Nam-ra -one of the school outcasts- contracts the virus and decides to distance herself from her recent friends to protect them.

Once the survivors are sheltered, the government authorities decide to bomb the city as they discover that the virus only dies if it is set on fire. The one who gives the order to assassinate all the citizens is the commander who, after his verdict, takes his own life.

"We are dead" was positioned among the most viewed on Netflix
“We are dead” was positioned among the most viewed on Netflixnetflix

Four months later, the surviving protagonists decide to return to the ruins of what was Hyosan High and meet Nam-ra., who is now a mutation between human and zombie. Together, they light a fire on the roof and the young woman who was left behind, Despite being infected with the virus, she is happy to finally have a group of friends.

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