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Three new versions of the Chevrolet Cruze were released

Chevrolet expanded the offer of its medium Cruze, which now adds three new versions. In this way, the nationally manufactured model and also destined for regional export markets, presented the RS and Midnight variants, both applied to various Chevrolet models in various markets on the planet. In addition, the entry version of the LT range, both hatch and sedan, will now also have a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Chevrolet Cruze is powered by a 153-hp 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which has earned recognition for its excellent dynamic performance and fuel efficiency. The Cruze was the first Chevrolet vehicle in Argentina to introduce the turbo-fuel engine, it was the first of the brand to offer the OnStar service in the country, and it was also the first vehicle in South America to have native Wi-Fi technology that offers Internet 4G LTE on board for up to 7 devices simultaneously.

New RS and Midnight versions

Cruze RS

adds more sportiness to the Hatch version. This version is exclusive to the model in its 5-door version (“Hatch”). With it, the Cruze gains a “sporty look” with finishes that accentuate the character of its front end. It is located between the LTZ and Premier levels of the range offered in Argentina.

From the front, the change that marks its even more accentuated sporty character can be clearly seen, thanks to the set of details that make up the dark chrome grille, the black Chevrolet bow and the LED headlights. The RS logo in red on the front marks the signature of this version.

On the side, the window frames, column decal and mirrors follow the same blacked-out look to reinforce the united visual and highlight the dynamic proportions of the windows. On the other hand, the darkened rims also contribute to the sporty look of the car.

In addition, the black metal roof concept creates a contrasting effect with the bodywork of the Cruze RS, which will be available in four colors: Summit White; Black Meet Kettle; Satin Steel Gray and Chili Red, the latter exclusive to this configuration.

At the rear, the aerodynamic surface has also been blacked out, as have the vehicle’s name and brand emblems on the hood, along with the Cruze’s identifiable three-dimensional LED headlights.

Inside the Cruze RS, the purpose was to reinforce the sense of human interaction with technology, creating a more immersive environment with a touch of exclusivity. Here, the differences are achieved in the lining of the roof, the floor, the columns, the panels and the seats, all in black, while the double stitching of the steering wheel and seats reveal the red lines that add an image of sportiness to the interior. .

Cruze Midnight

It offers modernity and sophistication to the sedan version. Its equipment level will place it between the LT and LTZ versions within the Cruze range.

The Cruze Midnight offers the essence of a premium vehicle in terms of style, its technology and the prestige of the model due to its set of motor mechanics and six-speed automatic gear selector with the option of a sequential manual.

The Cruze Midnight debuts, for the first time in the region, a wide palette of colors that are added to this concept. In addition to the traditional Black Meet Kettle, other metallic body colors can be chosen: Darkmoon Blue and Satin Steel Grey.

Chevrolet Cruze MidnightChevrolet Press

Up front, the highlight begins with the black Chevrolet grille and dark chrome surround that divides the two air intakes. Black-masked headlights and LED daytime running lights complete the trim’s visual ensemble.

Going along the side, you can see the wheels that are exclusive, with a 17″ two-tone diamond design, where the mixture of black and chrome is seen for the first time, a combination that also appears on the door handles. The Midnight logo is located at the bottom of the front doors, in line with the exterior mirrors. The silhouette of the vehicle is highlighted by the roof that descends towards the bottom, with a fall similar to that of a coupé, without detracting from the large cargo space in the trunk with a capacity of 440 litres.

To access the interior, the Cruze Midnight offers the Keyless Entry and Start system, adding comfort, style and sophistication, such as the black finishes on the headliners, as well as the predominantly dark tones on the door panels that reinforce the “Midnight” concept in this model.


The Cruze in all its available versions is equipped with a high-output and energy-efficient 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. It develops up to 153 CV of power and 245 Nm of torque. Technologies such as direct fuel injection, the head with integrated exhaust manifold and variable valve control guarantee the vehicle’s agility both when starting off and during overtaking manoeuvres.

It is important to note that this engine provides 90% of its power in a flat range between 1,500 rpm and 5,000 rpm. The maximum power is between 5600 rpm and 6000 rpm. It should also be noted that the engine is manufactured and machined in the Automotive Complex that GM has in Alvear, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe.

Automatic gearbox for the Cruze LT

From now on, in addition to the 6-speed manual transmission offered in the LT version (entry of the range), the 6-speed automatic transmission is added for this same version in both bodies, sedan and hatch. With these new versions, the Cruze offers options in automatic gearboxes in all its trim levels.

The automatic transmission of the Cruze is characterized by smoothness and precision in gear changes. It has an artificial intelligence system, capable of adapting to the driver’s driving mode. It also offers the “Active Select” system, which allows manual changes through the gear lever, ideal for those seeking greater interaction with the vehicle.

serial security

The standard safety offered by Cruze for its occupants incorporates 6 airbags including the front ones for the driver and passenger, side ones in the front seats, and side curtains on the roof; brake system with ABS (“Anti Block System”) and EBD (“Electronic Break Distribution”); anti-theft alarm; ISOFIX anchors; head restraints in all seats; the seat belt placement notice for the driver and passenger; 4-wheel tire pressure monitoring system; the automatic closing of doors in speed; 3-point belts in all seats; Traction Control (TCM) and Stability Control (ESC).

Comfort and connectivity

The equipment list of the model is very complete for both RS and Midnight versions: high-definition audio system with six speakers; automatic headlights by twilight sensor; rain sensor; digital information center; cruise control; centralized locking of doors with remote control; keyless entry and start system; cruise control; rear parking sensors; leatherette-wrapped steering wheel with multifunction controls; automatic cabin climate control and height and depth adjustable steering column, among others.

Interior del Chevrolet Cruze Midnight
Interior del Chevrolet Cruze MidnightChevrolet Press

The list of connectivity items includes:

Native Wi-Fi with amplified antenna and up to 12 times more stable Internet signal with the ability to connect up to seven devices simultaneously; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with the MyLink system; myChevrolet application for smartphone and smart watch that allows you to remotely control car functions, perform remote diagnostics, technical consultations and schedule services in the authorized network; OnStar, GM’s advanced telematics system that provides personalized assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services and safety; OTA, technology (Over The Air) that allows updates to the vehicle’s electronic systems remotely. Thus, the car can receive programming and software updates without necessarily having to go to a workshop. The process is similar to what already happens with smartphones.

Prices and warranty

The official Chevrolet Aftermarket warranty for the Cruze model in all its versions and trim levels is 100,000 km or three years, whichever comes first.

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