May 18, 2022 9:27 am

They propose that water be free in restaurants in the province of Buenos Aires

LA PLATA.- A provincial senator presented a bill to establish that in the province of Buenos Aires, gastronomic businesses that serve the public – restaurants, confectioneries, bars, cafes, tea houses – provide their customers with Sufficient and free drinking water from the network suitable for consumption. In addition, the same initiative proposes that there be bread pans suitable for coeliacs or gluten-free and sodium-free salt as an option to traditional salt.

It is the legislator Marcelo Daletto who pointed out: “The objective of this initiative is to continue promoting all the measures that can favor public health and allow us to carry out actions to improve the quality of life of the people of Buenos Aires.”

In this line, he highlighted that the consumption of drinking water “is a benefit for people’s health” and that “sodium consumption generates many disadvantages in the body of those who suffer from diseases such as hypertension, kidney and cardiovascular disorders, among others.” In addition, he argued that it should be possible to identify and offer specific foods for celiac people since many times, they are not included in the gastronomic offers.

They propose that water be free in restaurants in the province of Buenos Aires.

“We are going to continue developing public policies that are the starting point to contribute to the health care of all people through simple actions until these changes in daily life are established in society.”

Daletto, who is part of the political space Together for Change and who in the last elections was part of “Dar el Paso” together with radicalism, presented another project a few days ago that is in the same vein, where he proposes that Calories are reported on restaurant and bar menus.

“The main objective of the initiative is that people have a free choice of food and can decide whether to eat them or not, since citizens have the right to be informed about the caloric content of the different food dishes offered in the displayed menu,” said the legislator. And he argued: “Obesity and overweight are a cause of great concern in the world and in our country where according to a study by the Argentine Society of Nutrition -from February 2021-, 6 out of 10 people gained weight during isolation” .

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