May 17, 2022 5:33 am

The suspect was arrested for the murder of a dancer in Rosario

ROSARIO.– A man was arrested in Rosario for the femicide of Melani Juárez, a 21-year-old dancer stabbed to death last week in a pension in that city, according to judicial sources.

The suspect, identified as Matías D., was arrested by police personnel in a pension located in Tucumán at 1200, in downtown Rosario.

The Public Ministry of the Accusation (MPA) informed that the detainee will be subjected tomorrow to an impeachment hearing by the prosecutor investigating the crime, Ademar Bianchini.

The prosecutor will accuse Matías D. as the author of the femicide of Juárez, who on Tuesday, January 18, was found stabbed to death in the room of a pension where he was staying, on 9 de Julio al 500, about 30 blocks from where he was. main suspect arrested.

According to the investigators, the autopsy determined that the victim would have been murdered two days earlier, at dawn on Sunday the 16th.

According to the first inquiries, Melani did not answer the calls and was not active on social networks for the last 48 hours before being found, which alerted her relatives, who notified the Santa Fe police.

A sister of the victim, Magalí, said that the access door to the room was locked from the inside and that the windows were open and unlocked at the time the victim’s body was found.

“The TV was on at full volume and Melani’s body was naked, all bloody, on the floor, with her head resting on the bed,” he said.

After the crime, Melani’s relatives had pointed out as a suspect the person who was finally arrested by the police, who also lived in the pension where the girl was staying, a place that he left on Sunday the 16th of the current one, despite having paid the full month. .

The investigators explained that the man called a freight and loaded his things that day, and then canceled the cell phone that he had declared in the pension and his social networks. The autopsy indicated that the woman had been stabbed the day that suspect mysteriously left the boarding house.

deadly stalking

Melani had lived in that place for a few months and, according to the testimony of a sister-in-law, had stated that a man who rented a room there “harassed her,” according to Télam.

One of the hypotheses of the prosecutor Bianchini is that the presumed author of the femicide would have tried to abuse the young woman, said judicial spokesmen.

The victim had worked in a telephone company, from which she had been fired, and had apparently been employed in a cadet company. In addition to her love of dancing, the young woman produced content for adults, a situation that had distanced her from her parents.ß

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