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The revolution of the elderly “has only just begun”: from “I’m not an idiot” to the Bank of Spain




«Let no one interpret that as we have collected almost 500,000 signatures this is over. It is an important milestone in a way to go until the solution to the problem reaches the street. Now is when you have to insist, this has only just begun.

Carlos San Juan, the 78-year-old Valencian who has turned his allegation into a movement in
for what banks do not exclude or humiliate older people At the time of being attended, this week he received a call from the governor of the Bank of Spain.

“It was a very cordial conversation, there was a lot of empathy on his part. I think they are aware that the bank’s relationship with its customers is very bad”, so this initiative will serve as an “incentive” to summon entities to take measures immediately, San Juan tells ABC.

In fact, during the forty minutes on the phone with this retired doctor, Pablo Hernández de Cos promised to demand an action plan at the meeting that he will hold with the three employers in the sector in three weeks, together with the first vice president of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvin. “I firmly expressed to him that until we see that the bank admits that it has lost its public service entity and does not correct its mistakes, we are not going to stop,” he says.

Precisely, Calviño affirmed this Friday that he hopes that the companies arrive at that meeting with effective proposals to deploy them as soon as possible: “We have to accompany those who want to and can adapt to new technologies, making it easier for them, and those who can’t or don’t want to, giving them the means to guarantee that they have access to financial services.”

As a result of these statements, the president of CaixaBank, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, assured that this issue “concerns and occupies” them and promised new measures to meet the needs of these groups in the coming months, after announcing that the entity closed 2021 with a profit of 2,359 million euros.

Two euros for withdrawing money at the window

San Juan criticizes that some simple procedures have been carried out exclusively online, with technologies “that many of us do not know how to use”, while branches open “with a rigid schedule, until eleven in the morning”. «Despite my age, I want to be independent with my efforts and to help those who have no one to lend them a hand. It is totally unacceptable that they do not attend you when you have problems with the ATM, “he says.

“They make many millions a year. And if they have gotten there and remain, it is thanks to all our savings. We are ten million vulnerable people,” he recalls, while calling on young people to join his crusade against treatment that he considers “inhuman.”

The next February 8th He will take the half million signatures he has collected to Madrid to register them with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, although he clarifies that it will be a symbolic act, because the campaign will continue to be open.

“I don’t want prominence. I represent, above all, people without a voice, those who have not been able to sign. I am still a little skeptical, but I already notice the illusion and hope of the movement that is beginning to be born and I would not like the flame to go out, as long as it is not adulterated with any political or judicial nuance, but human and social, “claims this Valencian whose motto –“I’m older, not an idiot”– has already inspired others affected by banking policies.

This is the case of Amparo Molina, a retiree from the Valencian town of Burjassot with mobility problems, who has sent a letter to BBVA workers to explain why she has reported them to the Civil Guard.

Molina left the branch without money because, after trying to get it out with the passbook at the cashier without success, they wanted charge two euros as a commission for doing the operation at the window. An amount “disproportionate” to their economic situation.

a global problem

The political parties have also joined this wave of indignation and demand that a “minimum” be guaranteed -as the PP demands- to end “financial exclusion”. In addition, the Generalitat Valenciana has announced that it will give training courses for groups with difficulties in accessing these basic services.

However, the Spanish Confederation of Associations for the Elderly (CEOMA) warns that these situations of helplessness extend to other areas such as health, insurance companies or the Administration itself. Asking for a doctor’s appointment or buying a train ticket can become an odyssey for those over 65 years of age.

In an interview to Europa Press the president of CEOMA suggests that, just as companies or institutions send advertising to home mailboxes, a document be sent not only in writing but also in audio-video, “because there is a significant percentage of elderly people with disabilities”, in which that «computer management is taught in an easy way». «Today everything works with computer systems. What is there to do? Teaching, training, is essential», ditch.

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