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The presumed author of the crime of Ugena, in the street; the family of ‘Santiago’ calls for him to return to prison




Anas has been on provisional release since December 2. Nicknamed ‘el Lanas’, he is accused of the death of a pensioner in Ugena when a year is about to be fulfilled since the events, for which he has twice stepped foot in the Ocaña I prison. But the First Section of the Provincial Court of Toledo has declared both arrest warrants null and void, first in July and then in December, due to “lack of motivation.”

“Throughout the entire car, not the slightest expression is collected that allows us to see a motivation; enough or it would not be a matter of his examination if there was one, ”the court justified in its first resolution, dated July 7 and which released Anas for the first time after his arrest and imprisonment a few weeks earlier.

A 23-year-old Spaniard of Moroccan descent, the Civil Guard and the Investigating Court number 6 of Illescas attribute the authorship of the crime of ‘Santiago’, a 67-year-old retiree who was beaten to death in Ugena between one and two in the morning. the morning of February 23.

a flashlight in the mouth

The victim’s real name was Jesus, but he did not use it. He lived alone in a rented apartment in the Plaza Mayor, recovering from a stroke and was engaged in the sale of cocaine on a small scale among acquaintances. “It was not a wide network, but a few people to whom he normally provided cocaine,” explains Eduardo López Nieto, the family’s lawyer. «I had a pension of 600 euros and I complemented it with what he got from the drug. Although we always scolded him, he did what he wanted, ”his closest relatives tell ABC, who were in charge of the man going to rehabilitation in a center to recover from the stroke.

Santiago did not have a knife stuck in his chest, as reported by the 112 emergency service the day the body was discovered (he was found in a ‘supine’ position). He died on the floor of his bedroom as a result of the violent and numerous blows he received to the head, probably with a flashlight similar to a Taser and that was the property of the victim. Specific, of the brand and model Heavy Duty Stun Gun 1108 Type, with a length of 24 centimeters, a diameter of 4.5 at one end and three at the opposite.

This utensil was inside Santiago’s mouth, which also caused serious internal injuries. It is an illegal weapon that emits a powerful light that dazzles the adversary or the victim, in addition to giving off an electric shock. “It was a Dantesque thing”, sentences the family’s lawyer, scandalized because Anas is in the street. “It is a shame that he is free because he is being accused with convincing evidence,” says a direct relative of Santiago who remains anonymous. “There is sufficient evidence to accuse Anas as the author of the homicide,” agrees the lawyer.

According to the detailed investigation of the Civil Guard, the young man did not act alone. He was accompanied by his sentimental partner, who had just turned 17. However, the family’s lawyer has little information about the girl because of her status as a minor when the events occurred.

“Santiago would open the door for them, because it was not forced, and then they brutally beat him. They went that night to steal cocaine or steal money -explains the lawyer-. There are witness statements that Anas had already robbed him.”

Santiago was beaten to death on that floor
Santiago was beaten to death on that floor – Manuel Moreno

‘El Lanas’ was arrested in mid-June by the Civil Guard. According to Eduardo López, there are indications and evidence that incriminate him: witness statements, the contrast of telephone calls, bloody clothing with the remains of the victim and the person under investigation, the fingerprint of a sneaker of Anas of the brand Nike or the small bag where the victim kept the drug, in addition to the phone books of one and the other, which confirm the relationship between them.

However, the First Section of the Audiencia de Toledo Anas was released in early July, just three weeks after his arrest and admission to Ocaña I prison. “There is not the slightest explanation of the origin of the indications that he has to understand that he may be the author of death”, affirms the court in its first resolution to the prison order signed by the investigating judge, Mario Capital Romeral. And he recriminates: «It is evident with the simple reading [del auto de prisión] that what the judge does is expose the fact under investigation, but not in the way in which he reaches the conviction that this violent death could have been caused” by the young man.

Anas was arrested again in October and was released from jail on December 2, after a new resolution from the Court, also due to the lack of motivation in the arrest warrant. The Public Prosecutor’s Office had highlighted, as new facts, the DNA results of the bloody clothes, which confirmed the existence of remains of both the victim and Anas. It also pointed out that an expert report had determined that the footprint found at the scene corresponded to a young man’s shoe.

The victim lived for rent, was recovering from a stroke and was selling cocaine to acquaintances

However, for the Audience “both the bloody clothes like the footprint of the shoe were already alleged in the appearance of the car of June 18, 2021 and were used to implicate Anas in the criminal acts ». For this reason, the existence of some reports that “prove the evidence already exposed are not new facts, since it is a matter of describing the same facts with a confirmation of something that was already alleged as probable.” Even the footprint of the shoe “was already said to coincide”, the court underlines about the prison order of October 22 issued by the same investigating court, but that the person in charge had changed and that it is signed by Ana Isabel Flores García, now holder of number 6 of Illescas.

The error is already given by the lack of reasons for the arrest warrant for the first arrest, not so the second, which I consider to be well motivated, “says the family’s lawyer. «The Chamber does not question the authorship, it only enters into formal questions -interprets Eduardo López-. He is dragged into the second resolution by the first prison order and some formal defect, such as that lack of motivation, ”he insists.

In court every week

However, the Court agrees with the precautionary measures against Anas to prevent his escape: he is prohibited from leaving the national territory and must appear before the court on the first business day of each week.

However, Santiago’s relatives claim that Anas “is in prison until the trial; but not because of the flight risk, but because he is a murderer. Just as it has been done to Santiago, it can be done to anyone else.” “What’s more, relatives of ours have met Anas on the street,” says the same source, who highlights the “brilliant” investigation and the “wonderful” treatment given to the family by the Civil Guard agents who have investigated the homicide.

Anas “should be in prison due to the seriousness of the events and the fact that he remains on provisional release creates a certain social alarm; in this area the towns are small, practically everyone knows each other, they are very close localities and in which there are many crossed friendships -explains Eduardo López-. This creates insecurity because people know what the boy is accused of and he also knows who the injured party is.”

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