May 21, 2022 10:03 pm

Support sustainable fashion. A project for now

Crises, it is known, stimulate creation. Due to its extension, its intensity, its multiple facets –economic, environmental, health, ethical, social, cultural, affective– this one that our world has been going through should have already given rise to a multitude of ideas, projects, and actions. It is not the case. The various reparation initiatives, effective moves and necessary rebellions that take place throughout the world are far from being sufficient given the closedness of the system and the lack of information of the majority sectors of the population of the global village about the disaster in the making.

A sign of indifference to the deterioration of the planet of the governments and corporations that support them were the conclusions, in November, of Cop 26, the United Nations conference on climate change, in which they participated, in Glasgow , 197 countries. “Blablabla” accurately summarized Greta Thunberg, the most effective spokesperson for the anti-system movement. Because the future is always now and, in addition to saying and writing, you have to do, I carry with me a broad but possible project. It is about the creation of an organization, here in Argentina, of connection, promotion and protection of the culture of sustainable clothing. To bring together under a creative and communication umbrella the brands and undertakings of raw materials, production, design, distribution and sale of clothing items that adhere to the methods of elaboration and the ethics of sustainability, accompanied by the dissemination and teaching of its methods and principles.

There are numerous Argentine brands with a sustainable profile that produce the entire repertoire of fashion items, from garments to cosmetics, or ensure all stages of the textile process, cultivation without agro-toxics or breeding and shearing that are benign to natural dyes. and clothing without leftovers or make up new garments from existing elements, vintage pieces, stocks or milk sachets and other unexpected materials. The general profile is craftsmanship, light structures, human work rhythms. One-person adventures, small workshops, SMEs with an emphasis on PE, although there are also medium-sized ones and largely founded and led by women, make up a vital, enthusiastic, persevering circuit, despite the absence of official incentives. From luxury to everyday workwear, there is already sustainable fashion in Argentina for all consumer categories.

I find it essential that within the framework of the recovery of the national textile industry, the sustainable aspect is taken into account and highlighted, since the most promising future is there, in a federal network of conscious fashion, made up of singularities that are recognized in common commitments –ecology, gender, diversity, animal welfare, quality, safe and decently paid working conditions. The function of the organization thought and desired would be, or will be, to guide, follow and serve as support and reference at each point of the creative and productive itinerary.

There is urgency but I will say it in zen: this is the day to bring together talents, energies, imaginations, to gather, interconnect and accompany and make a culture of responsible clothing grow, new in every sense, nourished by experiences, with national and regional identity. and planetary vocation.

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