May 18, 2022 7:29 pm

River – Platense, in the Monumental, for the Angel Labruna Cup

Although for it to be official we will have to wait until the start of the League Cup, the fans of River have the opportunity to meet the team again. The opportunity is offered by the match against platinum, that although it is still a preseason friendly, it enhances his consideration for the Ángel Labruna Cup being at stake in a Monumental that opened the doors to its fans for the first time in 2022.

for the team of Marcelo Gallardo This is the third trial for the League Cup, after a defeat against Independiente and a victory over Atlanta. River does not have the players who are selected for the qualifiers: Armani and Álvarez (Argentina); Robert Rojas and David Martínez (Paraguay), and Paulo Díaz (Chile).

Due to a family inconvenience at the last moment, Platense did not have Matías Tissera, revelation and scorer of Calamar in the last tournament. The continuity of the striker is uncertain due to the offers that come for his pass.

Brian Romero’s goal

Without Julián Álvarez, Gallardo advanced in the test of a scheme that he has in mind, with five midfielders, from the incorporation of Paradela in the left sector. If the teams are not yet adjusted, the Monumental lawn is not ready either. Due to the work carried out for the beginning of the official season, the field is uneven and the green is not uniform.

Enzo Pérez, back after a shoulder injury, stretches to reach the ballTwitter @RiverPlate

Of the reinforcements that were arriving, defender Leandro González Pírez formed the central duo with Maidana. In the goal was Ezequiel Centurión, trained in the lower club of the club and back after the loan in Estudiantes de Caseros. Given the departure of Bologna and the retirement of Lux, Gallardo would have decided not to hire any goalkeeper and keep Centurión as an alternative to Armani. During the first half, the goalkeeper was successful in a couple of interventions and was complicated by a cross free kick that he could not hold and bounced off a teammate.

With more possession and dynamics, River took the game to the rival field. From a combination on the right between Simón, Vigo and Enzo Férnandez, Romero -was one step off-side- He took advantage of a clearance by De Olivera to touch the goal in front of the goal and make it 1-0.

The Monumental that is coming

The match is played in a Monumental that in the not so distant future he will be subjected to the reforms unpostponable, from a millionaire contract to rename it (naming) with a company name. The contract would be for 20 million dollars for seven years. President George Brito, In statements to ESPN, he did not want to refer to figures or bidders, but he did advance on the projected renovations: “We are going to give a debate deep in the Assembly of Representatives about the fan’s request to reform the Monumental to be up to the highest international standards. These stands are from 1977, they are older than me. With the construction of the lower stalls in the area where the blue tarpaulins are now visible, we would increase the capacity by 11,000 spectators. With a total capacity for 83,000 people we would become the most important stadium in South America.

After signing the contract to become the latest addition, Esequiel Barco accompanied the campus. The midfielder emerged in Independiente arrived in two-year loan coming from Atlanta United, of the MlS. River has a purchase option for 50 percent of the pass that it will be able to execute at the end of this year or in 2023.


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