May 19, 2022 1:12 am

Pilar Lamadrid won the Lanzarote iQFoil Games




Pilar Lamadrid dominance in the Lanzarote iQFoil Games, international circuit of the new Olympic class. The Spanish hangs the gold after signing eight first, two second and third place, including victory in the grand final.

After her first place in the qualifying series, the Spanish went directly to the final three, while the seven participants that followed her in the table would decide who would play for the podium against Lamadrid in the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Today Pilar got up early: “It has been a day… as soon as we arrived we found haze and a southeast wind, which we did not expect. I had only one chance, so I went out on the water early to see how I was doing.

I knew that a fall could make me lose everything, as it has happened to other girls. My goal was to be as calm as possible, keep a cool mind, not fall and push when I could.”.

And it was time to take the last start of this championship, crossing the line alongside the French Marion Morfeton and Lucie Belbeoch. A new first left no doubt about the superiority of the Spanish, both at a technical level in navigation and in personal management before an international competition. He started out winning and ended up winning.

“The truth is that it was a very tough heat, my arms were going to explode but I am happy to have finished the championship in this way. The main objective for me was to make fleet starts and I have fulfilled it, although we have to continue training. Now to rest a little and next week a new regatta: the Olympic week in Lanzarote”. Pilar Lamadrid closed a brilliant week with these words.

Mateo Sanz, women’s iQFoil national coach, has followed minute by minute the evolution of the team, assessing results and taking good note of the aspects to improve: “It was a day with a lot more wind than expected. In the water we have had moments with 23-24 knots. It has been fun and Pilar has withstood the pressure well. He has known how to manage risk and has done so with very good speed. We are happy with the performance it has had throughout the week; It has been very consistent and solid. He hasn’t made any big mistakes like his rivals and has managed to maintain the great advantage he had”.

In 12th place in the general classification, Andrea Torres from the Balearic Islands confirms her second place in Sub21, while Blanca Manchón closes the national positions in the women’s category with 24th place. Both sailors went out on the water today together with the coach, Mateo Sanz , to encourage Lamadrid in the last regatta.

The Spanish participation in men’s iQFoil was closed yesterday with Ángel Granda in 26th place, Fernando Lamadrid 31st, Tomás Vieito 33rd, Jorge Aranzueque 44th and José Luis Boronat 52nd.

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