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Parliament asks Mattarella to repeat against his will as president of Italy




Everything indicates that Sergio Mattarella will be re-elected president of the republic. Given the confusion that the Italian Parliament is experiencing in the presidential election, most of the parties have agreed that the continuity of Sergio Mattarella, 80 years old, is the best solution to end the chaos in the assembly that is electing the head of state , made up of 1,009 voters (630 deputies, 321 senators and 58 regional delegates). In a meeting held this morning for half an hour, the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi He has asked Mattarella to remain in the Quirinal for a new seven-year term for “the good and stability of the country”, if requested by parliament.

Draghi spoke with the political leaders of the parties that make up the government of national unity (the main political forces in the country, with the exception of the Brothers of Italy) so that they could agree on the request to Matarella, in order to overcome the dead end where the parliament is located.

The leaders of the government majority have met and agreed on Mattarella’s re-election. “The agreement on Mattarella is a great joy, excellent news for Italy,” said Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, at the end of the meeting. The same sentiment has been expressed by other Majority Leaders.

However, Giorgia Meloni, who is in the opposition, has stated that she is “surprised” by Mattarella’s availability, after having reiterated until now her rejection of re-election. Meloni is in favor of an early election. This position of Brothers of Italy supposes a rupture in the center right.

The former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who is admitted to the San Rafael hospital in Milan, has also spoken with Sergio Mattarella to request his continuity. In a statement, ‘Il Cavaliere’ expresses its support for Mattarella as follows: «This is the moment of unity and we should all feel it as a duty. But unity today can only be found around the figure of President Sergio Mattarella, from whom we know that we are asking for a great sacrifice, but we also know that we can ask for it in the best interest of the country, the same one that has always been a witness in the 7 years of his lofty mandate”, concludes the leader of Forza Italia.

The political leaders planned to go to the Quirinal to expressly ask him to confirm his availability. But, according to some media, Sergio Mattarella does not want to watch the games. I would have let them know to speak to the prime minister. It is a way of reinforcing the role of Mario Draghi in this critical phase of Italian politics. The re-election must be confirmed in the eighth vote that will take place this afternoon in parliament.

Once numerous candidates had been “burned” by the fights between the parties, a weighty name that continued this morning in the field was the centrist Pierferdinando Casini, who withdrew his candidacy, with this message: “I ask the parliament, of which I have always defended the centrality, to withdraw my name from any discussion and ask the President of the Republic to show his willingness to continue his mandate in the interest of the country».

political class failure

Sergio Mattarella had made it known in every possible way that did not wish to continue on the Quirinal from February 3, when his seven-year term ends. But his name has appeared in all the votes, including this morning, which was the seventh, receiving 389 votes. Numerous parliamentarians deposited their ballot in the ballot box with the name of Mattarella, a reflection of the strong wind that was blowing in parliament in favor of the re-election of the current head of state. Sergio Mattarella enjoys extraordinary popularity, for having carried out a great management in very delicate moments of his mandate, during which, in addition to the health and economic emergency, three governments have succeeded each other.

The final result of the presidential election is embarrassing for the parliament, because it demonstrates the inability of the political class to elect a president of the Republic. The unexpected epilogue that the re-election will have is, given the chaos in which the parliament finds itself, it is the best possible solution, according to the vast majority of the political parties, but it is considered that for the moment the Draghi government is also weakened. Bearing in mind that general elections are scheduled for spring 2023, this year will be hell for Mario Draghi’s national unity government, because immediately each party will start the electoral campaign.

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