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Latest news from Spain today Saturday, January 29



Be informed about last minute today It is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the saturday, 29, january right here:

“I feel especially good in the shadow of the Moncloa Lighthouse”

Quico Taronjí is from Santander, yacht captain, sailor, journalist and writer. He lives in a dryland city from which the Homeric challenge of crossing the Mediterranean in a kayak was raised, as he recounted in his book ‘Aislado’. He loves the Naval Museum, that’s why he meets us at his door. For this reason and for what Madrid has of marine in the paintings of all its art galleries: the most grandiose and the most modest. His bed looks at the Polar Star because perhaps the Bay of Biscay hasn’t left his head.

He loves Madrid and has decided to navigate what is navigable in the Community to denounce its filth on his YouTube channel, H2Q. He believes that the motto “Madrid kills me” is a tall tale. Here he met his wife and here his children were born.

Pedro Cavadas reappears in a surprising interview: “To talk about peace you don’t have to be Putin or Biden”

Pedro Cavadas has changed the set of “The Anthill” and direct from “Public mirror”, from where he launched his wishes about the coronavirus pandemic that went around the world, for a school in Ciudad Real in which Primary students have interviewed him this January 28 on the occasion of the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN ELECTIONS: Francisco Igea (Cs) tests positive for Covid on the first day of the electoral campaign

“I have bad news to give at the start of this campaign.” With this phrase in a video uploaded to the social network Twitter, the Cs candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Francisco Igea, announced that it has given positive for coronavirus this friday, a contagion that will undoubtedly influence the development of the electoral race in the face of the elections in Castilla y León on February 13.

The private messages of Instagram of the trafficking of girls: “My wife is leaving. Come, I have your favorite ‘sweets’ for you»

“I have it all written on Instagram.” This announcement of the number 1 protected witness in the Sana operation, against the trafficking of girls who, in addition, were drugged, has been fundamental in the investigation. Of the eight victims, between 13 and 18 years old, this girl in question had an exchange of conversations from her account on the aforementioned social network, in private messages, which the agents of the XXII Group of the Ufam of Madrid have overturned to prop up his accusations.

Last minute of covid in Castilla-La Mancha: 17 deaths, the daily maximum for almost a year

The Junta de Castilla-La Mancha has confirmed this Friday, January 28 4,105 new cases due to coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours (the province of Toledo has registered 1,402, Ciudad Real 924, Albacete 864, Guadalajara 620 and Cuenca 295). They are considerably less than the 5,864 registered last Friday and the 6,243 two Fridays ago.

Juan Manuel de Prada: “Hate is much more profitable than love”

People are fed up, they are tired, they are jumping, they are angry. That is one of the theses about why there is so much confrontation in the public conversation. Even between peers; those that, in principle, share a common idea, as is the case with feminism. Or so Elizabeth Duval thinks, the 21-year-old philosopher who, accompanied by the writer Juan Manuel de Prada and the activist and influencer Amarna Miller, has debated identity, new times and feminism within the framework of the new edition of the Forum of Culture in Valladolid.

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