May 23, 2022 7:40 am

Jey Mammon’s unfiltered comment to Ricky Martin on an Instagram live

This week Ricky Martin announced the release of their new theme song “Another night in LA” and, to promote it, he did an Instagram Live with his more than 16.4 million followers from all over the world. Among them was Jey Mammon, who without so many laps made a dirty comment to the musician Puerto Rican at the time of questions and greetings.

The anecdote was told by the driver himself. The Mammons on Twitter where he uploaded the screenshot of the moment he wanted to know more about the marriage of Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef. It all happened this Thursday when the singer in the middle of the live asked the more than 19 thousand followers who joined his talk from all over the world, to tell from which country they were following him. There was Jey, who bluntly asked her an indiscreet question.

“Hello. Do they make an open couple? It’s for a friend”, wrote the funny and curious television host about the intimacy of Ricky and Jwan. Minutes later, he turned to Twitter to reveal his audacity, which, in turn, was celebrated by dozens of fans of the couple. “If it happened, it happened”, He told next to the capture he had made on the phone after the consultation. Apparently, the Puerto Rican did not see the message or simply decided not to answer it, but the driver, hoping that the musician would see it at some point, published it with his more than 1.4 million followers on the little bird’s social network. Until now, everything seems to indicate that Jey has not received an answer to his “doubt”.

The host of Los Mammones shared the screenshot on Twitter where you can see the indiscreet question he asked Ricky MartinTwitter

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef got married in 2017 in a secret, discreet ceremony without much preamble. Guest on the show windowing, from Mexico, the artist revealed that the marriage took place coincidence, since both his and Yosef’s parents coincided on that date in Los Angeles and decided to take the opportunity to go through the civil registry. Artists are fathers of Matteo, Valentino, Lucia and Renn, the last two were born after they had started their relationship.

Ricky Martin shared an intimate video of his partner and conquered his fans.  Image: @jwanyosef
Ricky Martin shared an intimate video of his partner and conquered his fans. Image: @jwanyosef

In social networks, the couple is very happy and united with their children. A few months ago, for example, the musician shared a video in the privacy of his home. It so happens that Ricky decided to film his crush with him. bare chest and then express how much you like being with him. “My dad”, limited himself to writing the singer to praise the physique of the father of his children.

Jey Mammon prepares to move to Telefe with his program
Jey Mammon prepares to move to Telefe with his programvideo capture

Meanwhile, Jey is preparing to migrate to the Telefe screen, after a successful year in America. During this time, his program managed to consolidate itself as one of the strongest contents and night after night he garnered good audience numbers for the channel, but these numbers would not have accompanied him in the run-up to the New Year’s Eve parties, which ended up convincing the driver to make a change of scenery.

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