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I have tested positive for coronavirus: what do I do and how do I request sick leave in the Valencian Community




I’m positive, what do I do? It is one of the most frequently asked questions in recent weeks as a result of the outbreak of infections of coronavirus that has generated the omicron variant. The result of the antigen tests carried out at home is not valid when recorded in the official records, for example, to obtain sick leave.

In this sense, the pharmacies of the Valencian Community only include in the database of the Ministry of Health the positives that are detected in the tests carried out in person in the offices to reduce the pressure of care in Primary Care.

The patient should be immediately isolated for at least seven days from the onset of symptoms, time in which you will be contacted by your primary care physician.

[Listado de los 489 municipios de la Comunidad Valenciana en riesgo extremo por el coronavirus]

Until ten days after the onset of symptoms or the date of diagnosis, the person with Covid should limit their social relationships as much as possible and always wear a mask. During the quarantine, the infected person will have active monitoring carried out from the health center if it is considered necessary, if they are 70 or older, if they are immunosuppressed, pregnant or have not been immunized.

In any case, if the sick person notices a worsening in their condition, they should contact their health center by phone, call 900 300 555 -you can also contact through the web
or the GVASanitat app- or, in serious cases, notify 112. At the end of the isolation period, it will be considered clinical and labor discharge unless the healthcare professional who treats you tells you otherwise.

Regarding the close contacts, those vaccinated with the complete regimen should not be quarantined and are only given PCR or antigen tests if they belong to particularly sensitive groups (people with immunosuppression, people over 70 years of age or pregnant women), are professionals or family members who care for this vulnerable population , or if they are health or social health personnel.

This is how sick leave is processed online

The Ministry of Health also activated a few weeks ago
a website to request the removal of the positives
in coronaviruses diagnosed by the Valencian health system -health centers or hospitals-, private laboratories or antigen tests carried out in pharmacies. With the discharge, in addition, the discharge is simultaneously given after seven days.

To obtain the part it is necessary to fill in the
application form
up to five days after the date the diagnosis was reported. Nevertheless, the withdrawal cannot be processed until the day after the positive. That is, if you have confirmed the contagion today, you will not be able to obtain the document until tomorrow.

Once the request has been made through the form, you can download the communications on the portal of
Electronic Health Record (HSE)
, for which it is necessary to have a digital certificate or [email protected]

When you access your History, you must select the “HSE Reports” menu and then “Temporary Disability”. The sick leave report will be available after no less than 48 hours since you filled in the application form. In addition, the National Institute of Social Security will notify the company directly of your sick leave.

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