May 16, 2022 2:45 pm

He did “wheelie” with his motorcycle, crashed into a bus and was miraculously saved

On January 24 at the intersection of Buzón Avenue and Italia Street, near the Bus Terminal of Tandil, there was an impressive traffic accident. A young man from 17 years old ran a red light, did a wheelie with his motorcycle and hit a bus. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries.

In the images captured by a security camera, the event was recorded, which occurred around 10 p.m., when a motorcycle was coming at high speed without realizing that the bus, which had a green light, was about to turn. Although the young man tried to dodge it, he hit from the side and fell to the ground. He quickly received medical assistance.

Identified as Thomas Alexander Rivero, was rushed by a SAME ambulance to the Ramon Santamarina Municipal Hospital where he was admitted with polytrauma.

Car accident in Tandil

From the Health System they reported that the adolescent suffered a “head trauma without loss of consciousness and presented with an open knee fracture and a fracture of the left leg. He is hospitalized in the Emergency Medical Service. Due to the fact, personnel from the First police station drew up an act for “culpable injuries”.

One of the passengers of the bus assured in statements to the local site the echo that he only heard the bang when turning and then saw the young man lying on the street with his head and leg badly hurt.

On January 27, there was a collision between two cars at the height of Avenida Del Libertados and Sánchez de Bustamante, in Palermo. After the impact, one of the vehicles overturned and rolled several times on the asphalt. A woman was injured.

Crash and rollover at Av. Libertador and Ramón Castilla

As specified LN+, a white Peugeot 307 driven by a woman attempted to make a sharp left turn while he was driving down a lane towards 9 de Julio avenue and another vehicle, which was traveling in the same direction, hit him from behind on his left side.

As a result of the crash, the second car turned over and ended up with all four wheels up. The driver, who was able to get out by her own means, was taken by ambulance to Fernández Hospital, where she was treated for the injuries she sustained. Who was mobilized in the Peugeot did not suffer serious injuries.

Crash and rollover on Avenida Del Libertador (Photo: Gerardo Viercovich)

of the rolls, the worst part was taken by the one that overturned because it was left with considerable damage in its front and interior, where the safety airbags were activated as a result of the impact.

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