May 18, 2022 9:32 am

From the opposition they demand that Cristina Kirchner rule on the agreement with the IMF and condition her support

The radical senator for Mendoza Alfredo Cornejo, president of the bloc Together in the lower house, referred this morning to the announcement of according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the advance in the payment of the debt Argentina that the Government did yesterday and although it affirmed that from the opposition they received the news positively, he stressed that the opinion of the vice president is still lacking of the nation, Cristina Kirchner, which could change the scenario.

“If Cristina does not support this, we are not even in a position to submit our force to this discussion,” said the senator in dialogue with radio Mitre and after that he indicated that from his strength they demand “that it be pronounced if it is in favor or not.”

So far the Government has stated that it has the support but Cristina has not said a peep”, he added.

In addition, Cornejo pointed out the behavior of the former president as “the problem” that the Government has, because it blames her figure as the one that imposes “the story” within the ruling Frente de Todos. “So far the vice president has not yet expressed herself and that is the big doubt,” he insisted, recalling that some time ago he himself had stated that in order to give its approval, the Together bloc must first have “the guarantee that the entire Front of All supports restructuring.

“They came together to seize power and remain united to keep it, but inside the party they nest diametrically opposed positions. What Alberto Fernández must guarantee is the agreement within his own front”, he indicated.

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