May 18, 2022 9:27 am

Fitness war. Cinthia Fernández accused Floppy Tesouro of stealing the designs of her sportswear line

Cynthia Fernandez added a new conflict to his agenda. This time, on the other side of the sidewalk is the model Floppy Tesouro, who according to the former panelist of Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM), I would have copied the design of a top from the fitness capsule collection that bears his name.

The conflict started, according to the Crashers of the Show, on América TV, when Fernández saw a post on Tesouro’s Instagram where The blonde wore a top very similar to the one she designed for a clothing brand: black, thick straps and wide rate.

Unable to contain his anger, Fernández went directly to the same social network to report the theft. He did it through a long download in their stories.

“It makes me funny… the brand that is copying us, Is it necessary to make the same top as us?”, He asked himself next to a photo of his design and another of Flopy, with his face cut out, wearing the supposed copy. “I found out that the crap of the models in my capsule,” he continued, with a very low voice as if speaking in secret, “also made another celebrity crap. he loves to squirt”.

Cinthia Fernández accused Floppy of “chorra”

“I have made choreographies inspired by things from another country. If you are going to copy, copy from another country. Who does not copy? But from another country! Not with such close colleagues, who are in the same. Undertaking. My life, go higher, not with a pichi like me, ”he advised her in a very close-up and in a tone of confidence. “Finally, conclusion, don’t mess with other people’s work. It’s ugly, and everything comes back.

To finish, Cinthia said that this “choreogate” amuses her a lot. “If you have more copies of this lady friend who already knows who she is, send me a private message”, she invited her followers to interact, without mentioning Tesouro at any time.

Consulted by Virginia Gallardo at intruders, Floppy showed all his zen facet and replied: “I’m not going to answer because I don’t like to confront like her. Is not my style”. Then, she explained that in the publication that Cinthia used to attack her, she I wasn’t selling or advertising anything.

To continue with his defense, Augusto Tartúfoli recounted that Cinthia sent him a message where she explains that her anger is due to the fact that she takes the trouble to design, then they copy her and on top of that they sell the most expensive plagiarized. And that hurts her. And they aired it.

“What can I tell you, Tartu? I refer to the tests”, he started, and revealed another alleged theft of Tesouro. “It started with Stephanie Demner when she had a capsule at a brand. He asked her to exchange a set and months later he copied the product he asked for, “he said and then did a little imitation of Tesouro, with a very finite voice: “Please, will you send me this little set that I love? `” .

Finally, Fernández explained that he blocked her last year from his networks because he hooked her selling exactly the same thing as her. “We already know that you don’t have charisma, you don’t sell anything. But at least I have a little imprint. Laburá. Because having a capsule is not putting on what they send you, do you understand? You have to work”. “It kills me, it is the new rich and it sells clothes. Please!” he fired, and accused her of also copying Eugenia China Suárez and Jésica Cirio.

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