May 17, 2022 6:59 am

Cristina Pérez, before the possibility of being the first lady of Mendoza: “When there is love, one accompanies oneself on the paths one chooses”

Regarding his arrival at Radio Rivadavia, Cristina Perez gave an interview in which he also gave details of her passionate romance with former PRO deputy for the province of Mendoza, Luis Petri.

In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi, in her radio cycle Hold on Catalina, the host of Telefe Noticias revealed: “This moment in my life brings me something that I always wanted, but had come to think that it was not going to happen so easily. I mean having so many identifications with a person, because you don’t choose who you fall in love with, and what’s happening to me with Luis is that we seem to be made for each other in a lot of things. It is the perfect companion for life”.

Everyone, including my mom, tells me it’s the first time they’ve seen me ‘as a couple’. It’s strange, because you live your experiences from the inside, from your emotions, you don’t go out to look at yourself, others return that to you. And that happens to me: that the outside tells me that we are seen for each other, “he added.

Pérez also pointed out that they decided to go one step further. “ANDWe are living together, but it is a somewhat special coexistence, because it is with planes in between. When he comes here he stays at home. He has now finished his mandate as deputy and is beginning his journey as governor of the province of Mendoza, so it is likely that he will be here for a week and I will travel there for two weekends, so it will be a two-way love return”.

Dlugi then asked her if she was planning to abandon her career in the media if she ended up being Mendoza’s first lady. “If he is elected governor, I am going to continue with my career. Love has to be to accompany. Life sometimes imposes strange things on journalists and also on politicians. We have weird hours. I still don’t think of myself as the first lady of Mendoza. He still has a long way to go. If that happens, the most important thing will be, as always, accompanying each other from love, because I have a career that for me is my life choice, just as politics is for Luis. And when there is love, one accompanies oneself on the paths one chooses. I learned that; and love is the one that opens the paths. When there is love, there is no ‘no’; love is in charge of finding a way to equalize the sounds so that there is a symphony. It sounds poetic, but it is like that”, he reflected.

Referring to the repercussions that her statements aroused some time ago stating that she had no desire to be a mother, Pérez stated: “I made many decisions that were not within the conventions. At the age of 16 I went to a convent school, I started working in radio and they looked at me with a very strange face. At the age of 18 I left my home to come to Buenos Aires. I always had one thing clear: what I wanted to be and why I wanted to fight. I always felt that if someone loved me well, they had no right to ask me to stop being me in the name of that love, because that was not loving me, it was loving someone else who was not me. I always defended my right to be who I am both in my relationships and in my jobs and in my life decisions.

I have had at least two breakups in my life because my partner at the time wanted to be a father. He had that desire and it was totally legal, in the same way that it was legal for me not to have it. There was a time when a woman was seen as a monster if she didn’t want to be a mother. When a person makes a decision that is not within the most accepted forms, the first thing that happens is that many may feel questioned if they have doubts about their own history or if they did not make their decisions. I did not experience it as hate, I understand that there are women who experience motherhood as what defines them as women and it may be difficult for them to think that others do not believe that motherhood is what defines or completes us, “he added.

And he reinforced: “I like to say this to the boys: ‘Sometimes, to be accepted we have to be willing not to be accepted’. And when they see us, we end up convincing them that the path we choose is the one we deserve to have. And they end up apologizing to us or throwing themselves to choose their own path. Because, although it seems that we are in a moment of great freedom, there are many internal prisons”.

Pérez associated what he had been saying with his professional present: “Many told me: ‘Cris, you’re leaving Radio Mitre, which is the leading radio station.’ And I know that it is a great challenge, because I have Jorge Lanata on the other side and it is leaving a place of comfort. But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. I am being faithful to what comes out of my chest and all my life I walked and trained for when this moment came.

At the end of the interview, at the request of Dlugi, Pérez clarified what was the relationship that united her with the actor a while ago. Joaquín Furriel. “We were not boyfriends. It was a very nice story; We had a very nice relationship, because the love for theater brought us closer. We didn’t become a couple or dating, but it happened that they found out that we had gone out a couple of times… I love him very much and I admire Joaquín tremendously, because for me he is the best actor in classic works that we have. I have great love and respect for him.”

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