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Bridgerton, his star Nicola Coughlan and the dark side of fame: “people touch you without asking”

The actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Lady Featherington in Bridgerton opened up about his sudden new relationship with fame. Speaking to the magazine SHE, admitted that success has its downsides, as fans instantly recognize her whenever she steps out in public. The actress claimed to feel uncomfortable on several occasions and compared fame to “being a dog on the subway”.

The first season of Bridgerton captivated the public and became one of the most successful series of Netflix, raising to Nicola Coughlan to levels of fame he had never imagined, and to which he is still getting used to.

“Being famous is like being a dog on the subway. It’s exactly the same energy,” Coughlan said. “When you get on, everyone looks at you. Some people are too smiling, while others are afraid of you and don’t want to get close, and others touch you without asking.”.

The Irish actress is learning to live with fame and attracting unwanted attention: “I can still do the things I want to do, obviously, but it’s different. I went to the pub with my friend a while ago and I felt like an animal in the zoo. People just looked and looked. But most people are lovely anyway.”

Bridgerton was crowned the most watched series in Netflix history. The platform reported that 82 million accounts watched the series in its first 28 days of broadcast.Netflix

The Bridgerton star, on the other hand, is excited by the repercussions of the production she is a part of playing the character of Penélope Featherington. He appreciates the international recognition of the audience and that the project continues to grow in the short and medium term. According to production members,the second part will be focused on the romances of Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest son of the prestigious British family, and will premiere on March 25. The 34-year-old actress confirmed that in this new season of the series, the scenes with her co-star Luke Newton they will be a bit bolder and risque.

About that particular challenge, Nicola commented, amused: “It’s going to happen! We used to joke about it, really inappropriate jokes, like, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we did this when we do it? And then as time goes by, it becomes more real. Now it’s not fun!”

Nicola also revealed that she did not expect Bridgerton became this true global phenomenon and so quickly: “I was like, OK, great. People are watching.” And suddenly… “It’s number one in Turkey. It is number one in Canada. Number one in the United States,” he explained. “I started compiling a list just to try and make it real in my head. And then it was ‘It’s the biggest show that’s ever been on Netflix, 80 million people.” It was just surreal.”, expressed the actress about the amazement of her own success.

However, Nicola admitted that she had a feeling the show was going to do very well and recalled a conversation with her co-star on the series, Phoebe Dynevor. “We had lunch together about two months before it came out. I remember saying to him: ‘I think your life is going to change. And she said, ‘No, I don’t know. I’ve done things before that people thought were going to be great and they didn’t work out.’ However, I had that instinct about it.”

Phoebe Harriet Dynevor is the English actress who rose to fame for having played Daphne Bridgerton in the Netflix series
Phoebe Harriet Dynevor is the English actress who rose to fame for having played Daphne Bridgerton in the Netflix series

Despite the worldwide fame that acting eventually brought him, Nicola confessed that it was not an easy process to get to where she is today and offered some advice for other new actors. “Whenever people say they want to get into this industry, I think, they have to want it really bad. Because if you don’t, you’d be crazy to do it, absolutely crazy.There are many sacrifices to make. The actress remarked that during the filming of the series she could barely see her family and that at the age of 20 she did not go on vacation due to the economic instability she suffered as a result of her vocation as an actress. And he concluded: “I don’t want to sell people this ideal that everything is wonderful and fun. It is hard work. but also amazing. I couldn’t do anything else.”

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