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Ángela Torres spoke about the addiction that she cannot overcome: “Don’t get addicted like me”

Angela Torres (23) spoke openly of your “new” addiction to e-cigarettes on social networks. The daughter of Gloria Carra Y Marcelo Torres counted through the stories of Instagram that “discovered” recently these devices on a trip to the United States, but he warned that he could not stop smoking.

The actress and singer is currently in Miami, where she works on her new album and revealed a new practice that she acquired, but also warned her fans not to fall into it. On Instagram, Ángela has more than 2.7 million followers, which is why she tries to keep in touch with them and reveals her day-to-day life in that Florida city.

Angela Torres said she has a “new” addictionInstagram Angela Torres

“Don’t fall, it’s a trap” said the actress in the sequence of a video that went up to the stories of that social network while staring at the camera. In this sense, he advised his fans to avoid entering this vicious circle with these devices. “I never thought I would be a person who at three in the morning would be smoking, nor did I think I would be that person who gets up at ten in the morning and smokes. And, for this reason, it is happening to me”, he expressed while insistently pointing to the cigarette.

For this reason, the young woman sent a message to people who discover this type of vaping. “Don’t get addicted like me with this shit…”, I advise you.

Ángela Torres spoke without a filter about her addiction to nicotine

In a last video he explained that it is an electronic device and not a traditional cigarette. “The other day I uploaded a video talking about this shit… delicious and then my boyfriend told me that they were uploading very funny things on the networks. borders, but It is an electronic nicotine pod with fruit flavors and others”, extended. “It’s not that I’ve been addicted for a long time, but that I came to Miami, I tried them and I like them a lot. Just that,” he added with a laugh.

Ángela Torres left a message to her followers on social networks
Ángela Torres left a message to her followers on social networks ALFIERI MAURO

Electronic cigarettes or vaping are a device that produces an aerosol that is inhaled and simulates the act of smoking, as indicated on the page of the Ministry of Health of Argentina.

These devices are made up of 3 elements: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The liquid in the cartridges does not contain tobacco, but does contain nicotine in variable doses (up to 54 mg/ml or more) and also many substances such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, flavorings and others. Differences in battery voltage and circuitry to heat the solution into an aerosol can contribute to the formation of toxic substances in emissions.

In addition, it is highlighted that electronic cigarettes They are not harmless since they emit aerosol and not water vapour. The aerosol, they indicate, contains numerous toxic and carcinogenic substances, in addition to nicotine, which maintains the addiction. Even if the tank is labeled nicotine-free, it may still contain it.

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