May 20, 2022 6:30 am

Amado Boudou: “The criminal debt they took has to be paid by Macri, not the people”

The former vice president of the Nation, Amado Boudou, referred today to the agreement with the IMF, announced yesterday by Alberto Fernández, and after disagreeing, he pointed harshly at the previous government. “The criminal debt they took has to be paid by Macri, not the people,” sentenced the former Kirchnerist official.

Throughout his editorial on AM 530, Boudou rejected the principle of agreement established yesterday between the Government and the IMF. Even from the “Soberanx” group, led by the former vice president, they criticized the actions of President Alberto Fernández.

“Soberanxs regrets that the government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner does not heed our proposal presented on 11/20-make the IMF co-responsible for the indebtedness and the flight to the International Court of Justice- and, instead, cede Sovereignty and submit the Argentine people to perpetual adjustment”, expressed the group, made up of former officials of the hard wing of Kirchnerism and critics of the current administration.

Through a statement published on social networks, the political space regretted the actions of the Government. “The path should have been to make a presentation of the case of illegitimate indebtedness, before the International Court of Justice, within a strictly legal framework, in order to expose the breaches of the Fund with respect to its normative structure, resorting to an international instance. , with the aim of obtaining a statement regarding them and the possibility of a reparatory instance for Argentina, “said the group.

“It is not a day of joy, it is a day in which there is nothing to celebrate,” said Boudou when speaking of the understanding reached yesterday between the Government and the IMF. Throughout his editorial, the former official noted the importance of sovereignty and blamed Mauricio Macri for having taken a “criminal debt.”

“The damage that Macri and the IMF did to Argentina only took care of him and his friends. National companies, merchants, workers, retirees, and the most vulnerable sectors do not have to pay. I think it is possible to find a mechanism through which they contribute part of what they took away,” Boudou shot.

“In that square on October 17 that Hebe Bonafini convened, we said ‘no to the IMF,’ it cannot be paid with the hunger of the people and the development of the country. And so that this is not just words, I think it is necessary to find a concrete material mechanism so that those who benefited from Macri’s crime pay,” Boudou continued.

And he concluded: “I do not agree when it is said that Argentina has to grow to pay, because this would be very unfair to those who have less”.

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