May 22, 2022 5:05 am

Alberto, the contortionist

What big difference is there between Luana Volnovich, owner of PAMI, who went on a trip with her civil servant boyfriend to Caribe, ignoring the suggestions of the President to spend the summer in the country, and the national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires Victoria Tolosa Paz, who believed that Charles Casares was part of the Atlantic coast, where she was spending the summer? The fundamental difference is that Luana knew where she was. Vicky had no idea.

Truth be told, neither of them deserve the viral scorn they were subjected to. Anyone can screw up fate. If not, look at the partner Alberto: pull hand towards U.S, but put a little foot in Russia and another in China, a sample of contortionism that deserves the Oscar, the Grammy, the Carlos, the Gardel and the Martín Fierro de Oro, all prizes together sent by Argentine Mail, cheap rate, to the seat of the Government, on the fifth floor of Juncal and Uruguay.

And beloved declared before the Justice that he lived in a dune, there is no problem with Alberto’s little trip going back through the Caribbean, where the entourage of 15 officials accompanying him will take a day’s rest and will take the opportunity to ask Mario Ishii –one of the passengers– to liven up the day by telling more details about when he was the bell for the drivers of José C. Paz while they used the ambulances to sell drugs.

Who has not been lost in the tourist-political labyrinths of Argentina? Raise your hand by the citizen over 50 years of age who has not lost his way in the corner of the five-year plan, taking shelter for spend the winter until you reach the roundabout Rodrigazo. Who did not feel that they ran out of gasoline with him economic program of 81 and with little maneuverability in the turn towards that Southern Plan that deposited us non-stop in a unstable spring which led to a gaucho landscape where a man with sideburns, but without a poncho, promised to pave the salary route and the productive revolution. From there, to the tumbles, we got into the wrong direction in the armor highway, from where we depart non-stop to a corralito against which we gave it head-on and without insurance. Despite the signs on the tour, promoting dollars for those who had saved in dollars, they only handed us pesos and kept the rest.

Even so, we continued our journey towards a destination that once again promised beautiful landscapes. We emboldened ourselves by paying creditors more than we owed them because alive no one beats us. And, why not, we went back to nationalize because, homeland yes, colony noand live the model of accumulation with inclusion and diversified productive matrix, and put up with the stocks, the taxes, the plans by lot and moche, the bribes and the subsidies to those who cannot and to those who can also because for that we are “a country with good people”.

The Filcar of the story sent us into a supposedly prosperous valley where green shoots would soon grow, until we realized that nobody dared to come and water them because it is possible, but it is not noticeable. And the night came and we asked for a monumental loan to cover old and deep holes that were not dimensioned at the time. Then, we fell into the well again. In the ballot box, those from before won again: a dysfunctional family with new promises of getting ahead by applying the opposite of the gaucho turned liberal: renationalizations and exorbitant expenses that transformed everyone’s supposedly wonderful trip into a luxury cruise for a few.

In the middle, an unusual, extended and merciless stop, ordered us all to guard ourselves: the king and the subject; the teacher and the student; the powerful and the needy. All alike, under seven keys. Or at least we thought so. Some felt exempt from the conviction and they let us know by throwing parties when they couldn’t and closing doors to solutions that the world not only created, but offered to share.

As Argentines, we have traveled a lot and it seems that we learned little. The journey that we parody covers more than 70 years of history. In July 2022, it will be 75 years since the Five-Year Plan post. More than seven decades in which the General’s heirs ruled for 38 years with a total of eight presidents. What did you say Agustin Rossi –the one who denounced that a missile was stolen from him when he was Minister of Defense during the previous Kirchner government–, “Argentina is what it is because Peronism passed”. And we are on that journey.

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