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After his departure from Boca, Carlos Tevez put on the Ecuadorian Barcelona shirt and spoke about his future, Darío Benedetto and Pol Fernández

the yellow night It is the day of presentation of the campus of Barcelona, from Guayaquil, a great from Ecuador. It happens every year. There is usually a music show, fireworks, presentation of the new clothing and an informal party. And special guests, international idols. This Saturday’s Yellow Night, with only 50% of the stage’s capacity, for health reasons, will have an Argentine megafigure: Carlos Tevez.

The ex? striker arrived in Guayaquil this Friday for the entertainment, which includes a gala dinner. Smiling, he left a brief greeting to the fans. Hello, Barcelona. I’m already here, in Guayaquil, so see you tomorrow. A hug for everyone,” said Apache, who unexpectedly retired from Boca in mid-2021. There are those who believe that, at some point, he will put on his boots again. Has 37 years.

The Argentine Carlos Alfaro Moreno, president of Barcelona, ​​with Tevez, whom he invited to Guayaquil as an international figure.Twitter @BarcelonaSC

Tevez is the seventh world figure to have worn the shirt of the club that has an Argentine as its coach, Fabian Bustos, required by some teams in his country, and as president to his compatriot Carlos Alejandro Alfaro Moreno. The other cases were Ronaldinho (2016), Diego Forlán (2017), Kaká (2018), Andrea Pirlo (2019), Alessandro Del Piero (2020) and Javier Mascherano (2021).

It is, logically, a commercial meeting, in which it will be strange to see Tevez at this point in his life with a shirt that is not Boca’s. Barcelona will be the first Ecuadorian team to compete officially; On February 8, against Torque in Uruguay, they will begin their journey through the Copa Libertadores, a trophy for which they beat Boca itself last year, 1-0 in Guayaquil.

“Another legend arrives. For history and legacy”, signs the invitation. “I thank Barcelona for the invitation to the Yellow Night. It is a pleasure to collect the affection of the people. Playing again is a nice feeling. We hope to give you a great show tomorrow”, said Carlitos.

Beyond the dinners and the receptions and the commercial matters, when you put on the Tevez ankle boots you will truly know if you want to try again. For instance, during the day, in a chat with ESPN, he left a couple of comments about it. “I stopped playing seven months ago. I am enjoying my family. It is very difficult. We are at the end of January, I turn 38 next week. It’s very difficult for him to play again.”, warned.

On the other hand, the former captain praised Darío Benedetto Y William “Pol” Fernandez, who return to the xeneize team and were his teammates in his last stage. “They are going to do Boca good. They are two players of hierarchy, who They know what it’s like to wear the Boca shirt. I hope they give the team a leap in quality and that they do well at this stage in Boca”, commented Tevez.

Carlos Tevez and Darío Benedetto were teammates in Boca;  the former captain left the club in May, the striker has just returned from Europe.
Carlos Tevez and Darío Benedetto were teammates in Boca; the former captain left the club in May, the striker has just returned from Europe.Archive

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