May 16, 2022 9:05 am

A 4×4 truck collided head-on with a motorcyclist on the Pinamar border: “He did not die by chance”

PINAMAR (Special envoy).- The city of Pinamar regrets about the end of the second fortnight of January a new and shocking accident car in the area border. On this occasion he starred in a 4×4 truck that, in the middle of a sting, rammed head-on into a biker. the man suffered multiple fractures and is hospitalized.

The images of the moment that are spread on social networks show how three 4×4 trucks participated in a race at full speed when, in the opposite direction, a motorcycle and a quadricycle crossed. Although the latter managed to evade the contenders, the first vehicle was hit squarely by one of the vans and the driver was thrown into the air.

“This happened yesterday late in the afternoon and today the videos began to spread. The person hit by the trucks that were hitting had clavicle and humerus fractures and was hospitalized. He’s out of danger, but he didn’t die by chance, as you can see”, he explained to THE NATION the Secretary of Security of Pinamar, Lucas Windy.

Likewise, he said in response to those who demand a greater effort from the municipality to control overflows in the border area: “The campaign that is carried out daily, which includes controls, fencing and posters, is not enough to contain the volume of people who decide to go out and do these crazy things. It is impossible. Either the Army goes or a police deployment is made where instead of taking care of citizens from crime we have to go out and see that people do not kill themselves running illegal dives.

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