May 14, 2022 6:33 pm

True, the new ‘generation’ of the Karsdashian




The Kardashian they are a matriarchy and a greased machine for media and economic success. But even as a matriarchy, it is a very special one: first it was the grandmothers, the businesswoman Kris and the athlete Caitlyn Jenner, name that she is known after her gender reassignment in 2015 (she won the Olympic medal in decathlon at the Montreal ’76 Olympic Games with which she gained popularity as Bruce Jenner). Then came the daughters, who left behind the surname Jenner to bet on the ‘rebranding’ with that of Kardashian (by Robert Kardashian, second husband of Kris, lawyer who rose to fame with the Case OJ Simpson): Kylie, Kim, Kendall, Khloé Y Kourtney and, with them, his new business and life model multiplied his appearances on self-promotional reality shows, mediatic marriages of convenience and a brilliant ability to generate headlines and attract followers.

Thus, Kylie became the youngest ‘billionaire’ in the world at the age of 21 and Kim has recently managed to win the record for ‘the most followed woman in the world’, surpassing the barrier of 300 million ‘clients’ on her social networks. Now the granddaughter arrives, True. In Spanish, his name means ‘truth’. True will be 4 years old on April 16. Her first appearance on Instagram was in December 2018, when she was introduced to the world as True Thompson.

The daughter of Khloé Kardashian and the NBA player Tristan Thompson she weighed 2.78 kilos at birth, and we have seen her grow in the networks. Now, her mother (nearly 27 million ‘followers’) has taken the final step to launch her daughter’s career as a model with a spontaneous and fun pose for Dolce & Gabbana. The protagonist of a family soap opera since she was a child, she is the half-sister of Angelou Kash, whose paternity the basketball player was forced to acknowledge last year after having an extramarital affair with a coach. True’s first steps as a model were with her mother for ‘Health Magazine’ and to sell her aunt’s makeup products for Kylie Cosmetics. Already in a publication dedicated to her sister Kendall Jenner in which True wore a fun swimsuit, Khloé warned her sister: “Prepare to give up the crown.” Yes, it seems that the Kardashian clan is renewed: the new ‘jenneration’ arrives. Y it comes stomping.

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