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Tragedy in a mine in Salta: a man was “swallowed” by a machine and crushed to death

On January 27, the community of the Puna of Salta was dyed black after a young man died, the victim of a work accident. At just 26 years old, an operator of the Mansfield mining company got stuck in the material conveyor belt and was crushed. According to the police report, he died on the spot.

According to authorities, the young man died on the spot.what’s up jump

According to the data specified in the police report, Pablo Sergio Calpanchay Vacazur He was 26 years old and was a native of San Antonio de los Cobres.

On Thursday, January 27, at the end of the working day, he died in the process area, more specifically in the mining company’s conveyor belt line. The one who informed the local authorities was the manager of the company, who immediately contacted the Tolar Grande Police Detachment, as reported by the local media The Tribune.

For the moment, the expert opinion is still underway to determine if it was a labor incident or if there was some type of violation of security measures inside the workspace. For its part, the Mansfield company assured that they are at the disposal of Justice.

The case was assigned to the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office 2 of the Serious Attacks Against Persons Unit. with the lawyer Veronica Simesen de Bielke in charge. The designated authorities ordered a series of measures in order to clarify the events that resulted in the death of Calpanchay Vacazur.

The 26-year-old was an employee of the Mansfield mining company (illustrative image)
The 26-year-old was an employee of the Mansfield mining company (illustrative image)Chamber of Suppliers of Mining Companies of Salta

These included the intervention in the case of Criminalistics and Legal Medicine personnel, the transfer of the body to the CIF Forensic Thanatology Service to carry out the autopsy and, finally, the investigation of all legal witnesses. who have witnessed the accident or who can provide relevant information.

The event took place at the Mansfield facilities, specifically at Cerro Lindero, where the mining project of the same name located almost 4000 meters above sea level and about 90 kilometers away from Tolar Grande.

The company reported what happened through an official statement in which they sent their support to the family. “Pablo Calpanchay has been working as a process operator since October 2021. This unfortunate event has generated great consternation in all of us who make up the Mansfield Minera team. We extend our sincere condolences to his family, friends and co-workers. Mansfield ensures all the accompaniment, support and assistance necessary for the family in this painful moment.

To close, they expressed: “Mansfield ordered the immediate cessation of operations and the initiation of the investigation. The causes of the accident are under investigation.”

Sergio Pablo Calpanchay Vacazur died in a work accident
Sergio Pablo Calpanchay Vacazur died in a work accidentwhat’s up jump

The news was replicated in multiple local media in the province of Salta where, over the hours, the details that emerged based on the evolution of the case were provided. Likewise, the networks echoed the terrible event and both family members, colleagues and friends shared photos as a farewell to Pablo Sergio.

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