May 18, 2022 9:55 am

Together for Change considered the understanding with the IMF “positive” and will evaluate the final text in Congress

After the president’s announcement Alberto Fernandez of having reached an agreement between the Argentine government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the highest authorities of Together for Change met urgently and stated that they consider “This first understanding with the IMF is positive, thus avoiding a costly default.” They pointed out that this is “a first step to stop sowing uncertainty in society.”

In a statement titled “On the principle of agreement with the IMF”, the main opposition leaders warned that they await “the continuation of the negotiations that derive in details of a definitive agreement, which then it will be evaluated in Congress, as established by the law that we have all approved”.

Last week there were rispideces in the dialogue between the opposition and the ruling party on the progress of the negotiation with the IMF, which resulted in the suspension of the meeting between both forces. The national leadership of Together for Change was willing to meet with the government in order to talk about the debt, but never finished receiving the formal invitation. In the Government they argued that the meeting was not scheduled, although it had been previously confirmed.

After the failed meeting, the leaders of the opposition coalition refused to reschedule the meeting with the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. However, they reiterated their request to the president Alberto Fernandez to present a economic plan that “resolves the serious problems of development of the sectors of the economy, that favors productive investment and work”. In addition, they stressed that the program provides a solution to “inflation, poverty and talent flight that hits the whole of Argentine society”.

The members of the national table of Together for ChangeSergio Koltan

The Together for Change statement also raised the need to “a serious agreement and without improvisations” and requested that a “letter of intent” with the IMF, whose “treatment in Congress must be transparent with all the political forces and facing the people”.

Amid the tense negotiations that ended today on the verge of expiration of the payment of 718 million dollars to the IMF, the vice president published a letter in which compared the consequences of debt that the former president contracted Mauricio Macri before the international organization with the coronavirus: the “macrista pandemic” was when “Macri brought the IMF back to Argentina”, he tweeted Cristina Kirchner. “In this way it can be seen very easily that, in the year 2021, the macrista pandemic was even more expensive for the National State than the Covid-19 pandemic“, he pointed.

Cristina Kirchner in Honduras
Cristina Kirchner in Honduras

macri replied to Cristina Kirchner with a message from his former Minister of Economy, Alfonso Prat Gay: “CFK looted the BCRA; he stole savings in AFJPs and years of co-participation to the provinces; it melted down the national state, transforming the surplus into a deficit and increasing the debt by US$129 billion. But It turns out that the fault lies with the one who tried to order that disaster. #NoLieMore”. The tweet continues accusing that “they demonize Macri because ‘he indebted the country’, but it turns out that they have already increased the debt more than Macri.”

Kirchner’s text did not go unnoticed and Numerous former officials of Together for Change came to the intersection. Maria Eugenia Vidal he asked Kirchnerism to “stop blaming outside and take care of people’s needs”.

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