May 14, 2022 10:20 pm

The appointment of Claudia Bello as director of Arsat was put on hold after the controversy

Between criticism and bewilderment, the appointment of the former Menemist official Claudia Bello as principal director of the state satellite company Arsat was put on hold.

Bello’s appointment as head of the Arsat management was announced through a resolution published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette and signed by the Chief of Staff, who heads John Manzur. However, her possible promotion as director in the state company – where she already has a position as an advisor – generated strong criticism from both the ruling party and the opposition.

It was even known that the Legal and Technical secretary, Vilma Ibarra, responsible for taking care of the President’s signature, was not aware of the appointment. In the midst of the confusion caused by the news, a sector of the Frente de Todos made public criticism of the resolution And after a meeting of the company in which the appointments of authorities arranged in the Official Gazette were addressed, Bello’s appointment was frozen for the moment.

Claudia Bello, former Menemist officialArchive

Bello was press secretary of the Peronist Youth of the Federal Capital in 1987, from where she supported the presidential campaign of Carlos Menem, which would boost a political career in which he lived with more than one scandal. At the beginning of Menem’s first presidential term, he took over as Undersecretary of the Youth of the Nation, then she was appointed as Undersecretary of Public Action and Human Rights and, later, Secretary of Relations with the Community of the Ministry of the Interior. This position gave her the chance to be designated as federal comptroller of the province of Corrientes, in 1992.

During his time in public management, where he held various positions, Bello was prosecuted for irregular hiring in the “Y2K effect”, that is, for having directly awarded, no tender, contracts for nine million dollars for the campaign to prevent possible damage to computers for the arrival of the year 2000. The crimes that were imputed to him were Breach of the duties of a public official and negotiations incompatible with the function. After 12 years, The court decided to acquit her., by prescription of the cause.

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