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Taylor Lautner spent years without leaving his house after the success of Twilight

The rise to fame from Taylor Lautner It has not been an easy road.The actor felt “afraid” to go out on the street at the height of his career when it was his turn to interpret Jacob Black in the popular saga Twilight.

At 29 years old, the interpreter revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which was cSo ten years without leaving your house for the fear that this caused him. Among other things, I avoided going to supermarkets, shopping centers and, especially, to cinemasas his fame grew.

“Few things in life can happen overnight. fame is one of themLautner said. And completed the sentence: “It can also disappear overnight. When I was 16, 17, 18 years old, I would wake up and try to just go for a walk or go on a date and I would have twelve cars waiting for me outside my house to follow me wherever I went, in an airport or anywhere I wanted to go, with thousands of fans screaming my name, “he said.

After that, the actor shared how difficult it was for him to adapt to these circumstances during his youth. “I spent many years without leaving my house and, if I did, it was wearing a hat, sunglasses or just feeling scared. Something built up inside of me that, although I didn’t know it, It was fear of going outside. That situation made me extremely anxious, so I simply decided not to do it,” he added.

However, Taylor’s reflections on fame and success have evolved over time. In statements to Today, the interpreter explained: “At the moment it’s like it becomes frustrating, because you just want to live a normal life, but then when all that is taken out of you, you start to question yourself and start to say ‘Oh, people already don’t you care about me?’ And that fear disappears a little. You notice it and that’s the dangerous part, ‘Cause that can really mess with your mind”, he commented.

In 2012, Lautner ranked 11th on the magazine’s annual list. Forbes about the actors top payouts in hollywood. At that time, the interpreter of Twilight had entered the sum of 26.5 million dollars for his participation in the saga.

The fiction with which she achieved success is based on the books for teenagers written by the American Stephenie Meyer, which include the deliveries of Twilight, new Moon, Eclipse, Dawn Y Dawn Part 2.

The author became one of the world’s best-selling fantasy novel writers, was translated into more than twenty languages ​​and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. The story, framed within the romantic fantasy genre, chronicles the love between a mortal girl, Bella Swan (played in the film adaptation by Kristen Stewart) and a vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). The role of third in contention, the werewolf Jacob Black, was played by Taylor Lautner.

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