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She was Miss Argentina and was engaged to an American actor: the love story of Johanna Fonseca

The summer of 1988 had passed and, at a romantic dinner at the Edelweiss restaurant, he wrote on a simple piece of paper in his language: “I love you. Will you marry me?” (“I love you. Will you marry me?”). She replied without hesitation: “I love you too for that I say yes” (“I love you too, that’s why I say yes”).

She is Johanna Fonseca and went Miss Argentina for Miss Beauty International in Tokyo, however, she tells THE NATION who prefers not to specify the exact date out of flirtation. He was none other than Guy Williams, the mythical Zorro, who also knew how to conquer millions of viewers with his series through the screen. Nthere was a love story…

The writing with which Guy proposed to Johanna

Johanna came from carrying out various activities related to the artistic. Born in Rosario, she took her first steps as a model and had her first great satisfaction when she was elected Miss Argentina at just 19 years old. “It was a dream come true –he clarifies and adds-: from the hand of Bibi Etcheto from Sueldo Piñeiro, who was a representative of the contest that takes place in Japan, I participated for Miss International Beauty. I remember that two days before traveling for that contest, thanks to Bibi, Mrs. Mirtha Legrand invited me to her lunches, Osvaldo Pacheco was there, it was unforgettable for me”.

Johanna Fonseca, former Miss Argentina, in her times of work in the media
Johanna Fonseca, former Miss Argentina, in her times of work in the mediaConstanza Niscovolos / AFV

After taking part in the competition, Johanna managed to live in Tokyo for almost a year: “Little by little I started working as a photographic model. In a Hong Kong newspaper they did a report on me and asked me what I wanted for my future. I answered that making movies in Hollywood was my dream. I had the opportunity and I missed it because I missed my parents and my native Rosario very much. I worked on a TV show in Japan, but I suffered from bulimia, a disease that was unknown and affected me. When I came back I never suffered it again, it is seen that it was a purely emotional state”. There was, also, another reason behind his return. “Why did I return besides missing? Because mom had a stroke and I didn’t hesitate. Thanks to the fact that I accompanied her, she recovered perfectly without consequences. Then I came to Buenos Aires because I wanted to be an actress”, she continues.

Johanna Fonseca was always related to the artistic environment
Johanna Fonseca was always related to the artistic environmentConstanza Niscovolos / AFV

Is that when you meet Guy Williams? As was?

-It was a while later. Before, I studied with Carlos Gandolfo, Alberto Ure, Lito Cruz; It was the time of Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel, who called me to work. Joseph Jury, who was a friend, introduced them to me. In the environment it was said that someone who studied acting with them could not make programs like those of these capos of humor and I let the opportunity pass by due to prejudice. I went to the United States to do some presentations as a model and I stayed six months. I know people who worked dubbing movies and I started with that. My desire to get to Hollywood was closer, but I missed too much again and decided that I had to work in Argentina. I was summoned for ladies detective because I went to leave my photos on the channel. I also worked with Tato Bores on the recommendation of Héctor Ricardo García. But you asked me about Guy…

Johanna Fonseca, former Miss Argentina, poses for LA NACION in Parque Las Heras
Johanna Fonseca, former Miss Argentina, poses for LA NACION in Parque Las HerasConstanza Niscovolos / AFV

-Tell me about the romance you had with him and the details of that declaration of love with a wedding proposal.

-I met Guy at La Biela. A friend, the actress Araceli Lizaso, that years before she had gone out with him and at that time was married to William DugonemHe told me that he was very lonely. ‘We’re going to get him out of his apartment for a bit,’ he explained. I remember it was the 7th, because I was scheduled to go to San Cayetano to keep a promise. He introduced me, he was very cordial, gentleman, nice. We had tea, he was in a great mood. We said goodbye and when I got back to my house, fifteen minutes later, the phone rang and it was him. He wanted to accompany me to Liniers but I told him no because I had to meet a friend and it was getting late. Then we had our first outing at the restaurant The channel, of Cerviño and Salguero; at dessert time he grabbed cream from the one I was eating and ran it over my nose. I laughed and he told me: “You have a sense of humor, if I did this to someone else, he would kill me.”

-And she wrote on a piece of paper from the menu if she wanted to marry him…

-That was in Edelweiss. We had been a few months when he proposed to me. He told me that our wedding was going to be proposed to Romay so that he would televise it just like the honeymoon. That night he thought about everything. He told me: ‘I summon Fernando Lúpiz, we make a show like we dispute your love, I win, and then we get married, but there really, with carriages and everything. I told him: ‘Yes, yes, I’m marrying you, right away’. It was wonderful.

Johanna met Guy at La Biela: since then, love was on the surface
Johanna met Guy at La Biela: since then, love was on the surface

-Why didn’t it materialize?

We dated for about a year. We were 24 hours together. We stayed in my apartment or in his, indistinctly. He liked to go to the butcher shop on Libertador Avenue to order his favorite cuts. He was charming, but also jealous. Then I found out that someone I don’t want to name was telling him unfounded things about me to make him more jealous. That made us separate one day for a silly thing, but we ended up moving away, we came from dinner at Fechoría.

Johanna Fonseca fondly remembers her time with Guy Williams
Johanna Fonseca fondly remembers her time with Guy WilliamsConstanza Niscovolos / AFV

-And that’s how the story ended, they didn’t see each other again?

-I saw him again in La Biela. I was sitting at another table with my friend Marta, who was waiting for an acquaintance. As soon as this man arrives, Guy gets up and leaves. I noticed that he was very sad. I think it affected him a lot that we had separated. I never saw him again, until I went to see him off when he died. We love each other very much, but the dream could not be. We were very buddies. He told me that with me he had revived. He had never taken a photo with a couple in a public place and he did with me in Edelweiss. I have been in contact with Toni, her daughter, for three years, and that makes me very happy.

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