May 16, 2022 2:22 pm

Seconds after the crime: this is how the accused of killing a young man in El Palomar crashed into a house

Manuel Muñoz, a 28-year-old young man, was killed yesterday by a shot to the head while arguing with a driver who was in a stolen car, a white Volkswagen Fox, and which had just collided with two vehicles parked in the Palomar, Buenos Aires from Morón. A suspect was arrested for the fact that moments after the crime collided with the pillar of a house.

At a time when the investigation is progressing, and when the detainee refused to testify, images of the moment immediately after the murder were released. The local media Primer Plano published the video of the moment after the crime, in which the man driving the car (identified as Daniel Adrián Cáceres, 22 years old) tries to escape and crashes into the front of a house. After the blow, the aggressor leaves the car and leaves first walking and then running from the place.

Yesterday, police and judicial sources had reported that the incident began at dawn at the intersection of Ingeniero Brian and Namuncurá, in the town of El Palomar, in said party in the west of Greater Buenos Aires, a point at which members of the 1st police station. They arrived after an urgent call to 911.

Upon arrival, the police interviewed a young man who said that his friend, Juan Manuel Muñoz, had been shot. The officers verified that Muñoz was deceased with a shot to the head that he had received moments before, when he was with his friend on the sidewalk of his girlfriend’s house.

“We came from my sister’s house, that they were doing a painting job at that time of night because during the day he worked on a construction site, he was a very hard-working boy,” Julieta, the victim’s partner, said yesterday afternoon. .

“We were walking, we reached the corner and a white car stopped, we thought they were going to rob us,” Julieta said, adding: “We got scared, then we kept walking a few steps and that way the car backed up again and hit a truck.” .

According to the sources, the vehicle advanced a few meters towards where Juan Manuel, his girlfriend and his friend Matías were, who blamed the driver for the maneuver. At that moment, an argument began in which both friends apparently threw stones at the vehicle, while Juliet got scared and took refuge in the house.

In those circumstances, the driver of the Fox got out, took out a gun, pointed it and shot at Muñoz, who was shot in the head, killing him almost instantly, the spokesmen said.

“They argued, the guy got out of the car and shot him. It was seconds, he got out of the car and shot to kill, “said the young man’s girlfriend according to what was published by the Télam agency.

Meanwhile, the driver got back into the vehicle and escaped, so the Police began the search and found the vehicle on fire at the intersection of Moreno and 9 de Julio streets and crashed into the material pillar of a house.

Prosecutor Matías Rappazzo, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 7 of Morón, ordered an emergency search that led to the arrest of Daniel Adrián Cáceres, who wore the same clothing described by witnesses at the time of the attack. Next to him was a 16-year-old adolescent who was delayed, for which the Juvenile Justice was also intervened for an “investigation of illicit”, but he was released a few hours later.

The police and Justice were working to clarify the episode and find the murder weapon, which the investigators determined from the skills carried out at the scene that it was a .380 caliber pistol.

The detainee was charged with “aggravated homicide by the use of a firearm.”

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