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Paulo Brunetti: the Argentine who triumphed in Chile returns with Moon Boy

I hope the night accompanies and shines in the gardens when I return moon boy, for only two functions and in the open air, at the Palacio Noel, the venue in the Retiro district of the Fernandez Blanco Museum. No better setting could be chosen than that Andalusian patio for the actor Paulo Brunetti will resume the show that evokes the world of Lorca through a selection of texts from his dramatic work, his letters and his music, performed and directed by Oscar Barney Finn. Premiered in 2019, the work was presented until last year at the Portón de Sánchez and was nominated for two Ace Awards (Best Director and Best Single Actor): now there will be another opportunity to enjoy it and with the plus of the stars.

“My body began to ask for Lorca,” says Paulo Brunetti, an Argentine actor who has lived in Chile for fourteen years, where he works on television, film and theater. ”After doing many things in Chile and Argentina, I wanted to do something by Lorca, one of his works. But Oscar (Barney Finn) proposed to me moon boy, which he had done in 1986, at ATC, a journey through Federico’s life with different actors and actresses. Now I wanted to do it with one and it seemed like a gift to me to go through the author, the man and his characters, that range that includes us all, no matter the gender because we all have something of Bernarda, of Leonardo, of Rosita, of the bride, of Yerma. He is my favorite poet and whenever I saw his works the need to say those words resonated in my body, that unique way of reflecting feelings,” says the actor who introduces himself as ”Patagonian” (he was born in Puerto Deseado , Santa Cruz) but that from a very young age he came to Buenos Aires to study at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art. Unlike the staging at the Portón de Sánchez, this time there will be no table, chairs, carpet or screen with images, but nature will impose its scenery. The actress who participates in some scenes also changed: it will be Call Pires, (instead of the previous Sabrina Macchi and Dayana Bermúdez).

Although he already had a prestigious career in the Buenos Aires theater, Paulo Brunetti decided to try his luck in Chile and stayed there, where today he is a great figure on television.
Santiago Filipuzzi – THE NATION

Among the directors who marked his career and he considers masters, he mentions Robert Castro (Route 14) that gave him a direction and a way of acting, from the heart; Daniel Suarez Marzal (Numantia, in the Cervantes, and The dog in the gardener, in the San Martín), whom he misses very much; and, especially, Oscar Barney Finn, with whom he forms a creative duo and together they have made more than ten works, among others distant land of mine (2002-3), by Eduardo Rovner, and The cat on the hot tin roof (2007), the Tennessee Williams drama that caused the breakup. Because in one of the functions the Chilean actor was Tomás Vidiella (he died in 2021 from Covid-19), who proposed to both of them to take the work to Chile. Y what meant a six-month residence, became for Paulo “his place in the world” for fourteen years. “They offered me to work on the Chilean version of the strip Lalola for ten chapters and I stayed sixty, and that was followed by other fictions with protagonists and one year followed another. I reflected with my pillow: it was an opportunity that I had not had in my country, where had done little television (something in Summer of ’98, I will resist Y Montecristo) and had to continue working in a clothing store. In Chile, I managed to support myself with television –I have already recorded fifteen telenovelas– and that allows me to do theater and launch other projects”, says the Argentinean who on Chilean stages acted in The doubt, wounds of the wind, Dictionary, The final Y Absolute power. And in seven films: one of them, No (Pablo Larraín, 2013), was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film.

Paulo Brunetti, now also a producer and film director
Paulo Brunetti, now also a producer and film director
Santiago Filipuzzi – THE NATION

“Things happened as they had to happen. At the time, I grumbled. I was doing The cat on the hot tin roof, nominated for the Ace along with Alfredo Alcon, Diego Peretti, Louis Brandoni Y Antonio Ugo, and I was still in the clothes house. I couldn’t find the space that perhaps I deserved or that I wasn’t looking for, I wasn’t a desperate person who went to every casting. Chile came out and I felt very comfortable. When you signed the TV contract they asked you if you did theater, what times you preferred. But Buenos Aires is very theatrical, it is very powerful, the public is very particular and I also need the energy of my colleagues”, he says, more relaxed with the present and with many projects underway. After so many years of not stopping, today he feels at a “hinge moment”, grateful for the work he took advantage of and allows him to do “what the body asks for”.

On the theatrical side, although without a confirmed date, he will tour Spain with moon boy, a work with which he will perform at the Repertorio Español theater in New York, where he had previously been with Absolute power, With Charles Casper. In Buenos Aires, directed by Oscar Barney Finn, he will perform in Marble, by Irish director Marina Carr, with Pablo Mariuzzi and Cecilia Chiarandini. Finally, without being able to give details, it will be part of a Shakespearean trilogy prepared by the tireless Barney Finn: “He is someone who does not stop, an adolescent spirit, from whom you always learn, day by day,” says Brunetti who, like his mentor He is also a producer.

Great acting work by Paulo Brunetti in Muchacho de Luna
Great acting work by Paulo Brunetti in Muchacho de Luna

Together with Bruno Córdova and Robert Díaz, he set up the Sur audiovisual production company, which has now merged with Bewel Media, a production company from Concepción (Chile)., formed by the author Felipe Innocenti and the producer Francisco Inostroza: “Now we are the ones who generate the stories we want to tell and, in this way, we open the space to add partners”. In October, he begins filming his debut feature, Girl, written by Felipe Innoccenti, about male suffering at the loss of a child. In addition to directing, he is going to act, an opportunity to meet up again with colleagues from other jobs such as Kaspar and osvaldo santoro, and the Chileans Luis Gnecco Y Alejandra Araya. “I started to open up the space of the director, just as I did before with the space of producer, something I learned from Barney. I feel that I am renewing myself and I like that a lot”, he acknowledges.

Although he lives in Santiago, the pandemic was spent in the house near the sea of ​​a great friend, in a town called Navidad, about 120 kilometers southwest of the country’s capital. It was never completely disconnected. Every Sunday at 8pm, since 2019, he reads a story for his followers on Instagram. But now, in the present and for only two Sundays, the ceremony of walking with the shoes of Federico García Lorca in moon boy: “I want to stop doing a bit of television in Chile and spend a season doing more theater here, in contact with my colleagues and to enjoy the Argentine public, which is very Lorca-like and demanding, and applauds in a way that makes you go with the full heart”.

moon boy, by Oscar Barney Finn based on texts by Federico García Lorca. Sundays, January 30 and February 6, at 8:30 p.m. In the Palacio Noel (Suipacha 1422). $1500.

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