May 17, 2022 9:53 pm

“Pachu” Peña: “When I was a boy I fell in love with a Triumph”

José María “Pachu” Peña, the comedian and actor from Rosario who for more than three decades has conquered the smiles of the public both in theater, film and television with a wide variety of well-known characters, remembers how his beginnings were in driving and what is your lifelong passion.

“In 1982, I started driving in Rosario with my father; he had a Ford Taunus with a vinyl roofI think it was XL, the most complete, a divine car; I loved it, it was robust and very heavy. That was my first contact with cars. Today other technology is used, the cars are lighter; Before, they were not so much a plastic engine,” says Peña.

Then his father opted for Renault models. “He used the entire line and when it was my turn, the first car that I bought with my effort it was a Honda Fit automatic; From there I got used to handling that type of boxes, more for the city of Buenos Aires, once I got on the automatic, it changed my life”, affirms the humorist.

Later he married and had four children; consequently, “mobilizing them required a large car with three rows and I’m currently on top of a 2015 Dodge Journey. He has a wonderful gait, I move a lot, I go from province to capital every day and I feel safe, even sometimes, I grab the Fit, which I still have, and I pass it on to my son”.

In passing from his experience as his father’s student to his role as his son’s driving teacher, he points out that “the first thing I did was teach him something basic that I learned from my father and have passed on to him: being always aware of the three mirrors, the sides and the center, because you are going to be surprised by someone who wants to pass on the right or a bike is coming from behind and being aware of the mirrors allows an attentive vision. Of course, from my part the teaching of no cell phone or alcohol at the wheel because they kill. It’s very dangerous, simple as that.”

As a national artist, he affirms that the car is a unique tool.”I need it because I work a lot on different events; we always mobilize in this, I go to the capital every day and, although I can and like to take buses, trains or subways, with the car I know that the show is over, I get on and I’m already at your house. Also, I go in this to look for my wife and my son. It is a very useful tool and if I have to leave it for a service or do some sheet metal, I miss it a lot and rent one because I need it”.

At the wheel of his vehicle he has reached incredible places and remembers his trips to Uruguay and throughout the interior of the country on his tours. “Once going to Mendoza, near the capital it was snowing and I got a little scared because in the snow you can skate if you are not prepared. Or if it rains heavily or there is fog that removes visibility. There are others who put the beacons and that can cause an accident. for those things, I prefer to stop at a gas station, stay there calmly until the conditions are right to drive.”

“Pachu” always carries a cereal bar in his car, empty bottles of water because he drinks a lot, a small room deodorant and all the necessary documentation. In addition, when faced with a mechanical problem, he affirms that he does not intervene at all. “I’m not very good at it. I’d rather call people who know, I could see where the fault could be if the board marks it and inform the specialist”.

When choosing a vehicle, ask for only one thing; “be faithful, a car in which you get in and you know that it will not fail. Of course, you have to take care of it, service it, check the levels and tire pressure periodically. And, that when I get on it is comfortable and gives me the security that I will arrive safely at my destination. That is feeling protected; It’s fundamental”.

Big cars, like the American ones, he doesn’t like; On the other hand, yes, the compact European line, the hatchbacks, since they are “very low profile, I don’t see myself in a flashy car”.

When defining which models he is passionate about, he has no doubts: “I really like classic cars, Triumphs catch me because I fell in love with one that I saw for the first time in Rosario; it was red, convertible, with chrome spokes… and I said, ‘this is the greatest beauty’. I’m attracted to Jaguars, I’m very drawn to English cars and not to mention Aston Martins, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, also MINI Coopers, the little old guy fascinates me. I’m a regular at Autoclásica, I don’t miss it, it’s a great show, I love it! Also, I love motorcycles, I have owned many of various models since classics like Harley-Davidson and Triumph, They are a passion!”.

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