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Night of Ideas: Cortázar, foosball and Messi in the French Alliance of Córdoba

CORDOBA.- Julio Cortazar, Lionel Messi, flowers in one artistic performance, music and foosball were the protagonists of the Córdoba edition of the Night of Ideas, held at the French Alliance of Cordoba within the framework of the international conference promoted by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France and the French Institute of Paris and organized in Argentina by the local French Institute, the French Embassy, ​​the general coordination of the Alliances Françaises and Fundación Medifé .

Lionel Paradisi Coulouma, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy, ​​traveled to Córdoba for the first time, convinced of the importance of “rebuild ties” as the motto of the sixth edition maintains. “The pandemic imposes the need to take this step, to strengthen ties. Doing it through play and art is wonderful“, said to THE NATION.

The delegate was one of the winners of the table football tournament with which the Cordovan night began; he was also very enthusiastic after meeting the Mario Alberto Kempes World Cup stadium and its sports museum. He declared himself a “very football fan”, a fan of Olympique de Marseille and presented the prize of a Christmas raffle organized by the Embassy: the Paris Saint Germain Messi shirt.

Cordoba’s Night of Ideas began with a table football tournament

Fabián and Raúl were the winners of the foosball tournament that had a very good call. “We played when we were younger and when we saw the possibility we came to remember old times”, they commented to this newspaper with the small replica of a World Cup in their hands.

In the square dedicated to Cortázar, which is in the courtyard of the mansion occupied by the French Alliance that has a wall made in mosaic with figures from the books of the Argentine writer and some of his phrases, the visual artist Luciana Bertoloni performed a hopscotch for the public to play. According to the number that came out in each jump, the artist read some paragraphs of Cortázar’s texts.

Julián started, a teenager who reached 10 with the chocolate coin that officiated as stone, and thus the reading began with the adventures of La Maga in Hopscotch. David, another young man, reached 7 and it was the turn of a few sections of “House taken”. They also paraded “The devil’s slimes”, “A yellow flower” Y “Doomed Door”, among others.

I am sure that Cortázar would be happy if he saw the enjoyment that is achieved with his texts in this playful presentation -Bertoloni told this newspaper-. There is a kind of cosmic connection with him and this place.

In other salons, the actress and dancer Gabriela Grosso he danced and folded himself into a box, while handing out pieces of paper with messages – a kind of fortune cookie – to the participants. Laureano and Danilo Cantarutti musicalized the night with their Play together.

Another performance, by the actress and dancer from the official cast “La Comedia Cordobesa” Gabriela Grosso, was dedicated to the language of flowers.

Later, journalist Gustavo Farías and former player Oscar Dertycia They participated in the talk about sport as a builder of bonds. Ezequiel Fernández Moore could not attend, as announced, because he was a close contact of a coronavirus case.

In addition to the city of Córdoba, also in San Francisco -in the southeast of the province- the Night of Ideas was replicated. There were recreational activities and concerts on Friday night. Paradisi Coulouma underlined the effort to specify the face-to-face conferences -with protocols- and the decision that the Night of Ideas be increasingly federal.

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