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Merlín Atahualpa turned 10: this is how the son of Natalia Oreiro and Ricardo Mollo is today

Nowadays, it is common for celebrities to show details of their daily life and small fragments of their intimacy on their social networks. This includes, in many cases, the evolution of their children’s lives or the tender moments they spend with them. Thus, there are public figures who even came to create their own profiles for children, as is the case of Marley with Mirko or Luciana Salazar with Matilda. Within this trend, Natalia Oreiro stands out as a totally opposite case since she tries to show her little one as little as possible. But nevertheless, the actress crossed her own rule for a very special reason.

Merlin Atahuapla was born as a result of the relationship between the protagonist of Angry doll and the musician, Ricardo Mollo. From the beginning, the artists agreed and decided to avoid overexposing the child. Although both are quite active on their social networks, they prefer not to record their intimacy. much less show your child’s face.

There were few events that led the actress to upload images where Atahualpa’s face is visible, and few times she shared a photo where it was seen clearly and clearly. In March 2019, Oreiro dedicated a tender post to her to record the absolute love that mother and son have for each other. In that publication there was only one postcard where the child’s features could be guessed.

Natalia Oreiro’s tender post in honor of her son’s birthdayinstagram @nataliaoreirosoy

But nevertheless, in honor of the tenth birthday of Marline, Natalia did something unprecedented and shared a compilation that shows her growth. The video starts with photos of him as a baby and then upa of his mom. He is then seen standing with his eyes wide open as he stares into the camera, with the typical curiosity of a creature discovering the world for the first time. And, thus, the passage of time in the life of Atahualpa is evidenced, who, in the end, is shown as a full-fledged child.

To musicalize the special greeting, the artist chose a song of her husband and father of Merlin, whose lyrics perfectly capture what they feel for the fruit of their love. The selected topic was “Your look” and the verse that plays as the photos go by is the same one that can be read in the description of the post.

Natalia Oreiro with her son Merlín Atahualpa (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaoreirosoy)
Natalia Oreiro with her son Merlín Atahualpa (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaoreirosoy)

Your gaze is a voice, it is a song that covers my skin. It is the luck to shine on your light. Happy 10 years, spark of our lives”, he wrote, both in Spanish and Russian, a language according to his second nationality and that of his son.

Natalia Oreiro and her son the day they were given the Russian passport
Natalia Oreiro and her son the day they were given the Russian passportinstagram @nataliaoreirosoy

The publication received more than 55 thousand hearts and congratulations On behalf of his followers, they did not wait. Likewise, among the thousands of comments, the greetings of the Oreiro colleagues stood out, who did not want to miss the opportunity to send their love to the family. Among them are Celeste Cid, Joaquín Furriel, Justina Bustos, Agustín Casanova and Emilia Attias.

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