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Latest news for today Friday, January 28



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the news of Friday, January 28 with an exhaustive summary that you cannot miss:

Third dose of the coronavirus vaccine: lower age and doubts rise

«I had no doubts, as soon as I heard that they approved a third dose for the elderly, I made an appointment to put it on. All the people from my fifth that I know did the same, ”says Conchita, 72, inoculated with the booster dose against Covid-19 at the end of November.

When Russia publicly acknowledged “the brutality” it had used against Ukraine

“If Stalin were alive, I would vote for him to be prosecuted and punished for his crimes,” said Nikita Khrushchev in the memoirs he published in 1970. His reproduction rights in Spain were acquired by ABC

, who paid for them the highest amount that has ever been paid in our country for an exclusive until then. In the United States they were taken by ‘Life’ magazine and in England, ‘The Times’. And it is that the revelations and criticisms of the former president of the USSR against his predecessor, Stalin, for his genocidal policies in Ukraine, were well worth it.

Coronavirus today: Ximo Puig extends the restrictions and the covid passport in the Valencian Community

The Government prepares the shortcut to release 50 ETA members

The roadmap of the Government of PSOE and United We Can (UP) for 2022 already contemplates a legal reform that will allow fifty ETA members to leave prison earlier than expected due to the sentences imposed on them by the Spanish courts. so i know Sources from the Executive itself recognized ABC yesterday, who even admit that it is a “reform in progress” and raised by the same Government of Pedro Sánchez. In fact, this is literally stated in the Annual Regulatory Plan that the Council of Ministers approved on the 11th. This document is a kind of road map with which the Government advances its regulatory forecasts at the beginning of each year.

More than 50 Croatian criminal clans lead the robbery of houses in broad daylight

Not Romanians, not even Georgians. Now it is the Croatian clans that are in the first place of those dedicated to robberies with force in houses (22 a day in the region, 670 a month, according to the latest official statistics), especially in broad daylight, taking advantage of the fact that its inhabitants (supposedly) are not inside. Although there are times when both thieves and victims get a good scare when they meet face to face in the middle of an assault. Police sources indicate to ABC that, although the statistics are very fickle, more than fifty of these groups move through our territory. They are back and forth. As soon as there are several cells in Madrid as in other places like Levante or the Costa del Sol; how they move their ‘soldiers’ to other European cities.

A 4.7 earthquake off the Galician coast is felt in several municipalities

An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 recorded in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Galicia on the afternoon of this Thursday it has been felt in Galician municipalities in several provinces, such as the capital Santiago de Compostela. According to information updated by the National Geographic Institute (IGN), this tremor has happened around 15.44 hours with an epicenter three kilometers deep in the sea.

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