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Julieta Nair Calvo showed the craving she had in the middle of the night: “Don’t judge me”

Julieta Nair Calvo lives a moment of pure happiness since he awaits the arrival of his first child with his partner Andrés Rolando. Since the announcement of her pregnancy, she shares on her Instagram account how she goes through each stage and a particular craving she had in the middle of the night was no exception. “Don’t judge me,” asked the actress to reveal that she woke up wanting something sweet.

six months pregnant, Julieta regularly shares on social networks how she is going through the last trimester of pregnancy. With great complicity, he shared an episode in his Instagram stories that filled his followers with tenderness. It turns out that in the middle of the night, he felt like eating rice pudding. Without hesitation, he got up and prepared it.

(Instagram photo @julietanaircalvo)

The so-called cravings that pregnant people have are very varied and can include unexpected flavor combinations. However, it is described as a “desperation” to be able to eat that food and that was the case of the actress.

In the first place, he showed a container filled with the preparation, but minutes later he complained about having consumed it in excess: “Here I am thinking why I made a liter of rice pudding.” Despite this self-criticism, he was happy after eating this delicious dish.

(Instagram photo @julietanaircalvo)
(Instagram photo @julietanaircalvo)

A little over a month ago, Juliet revealed the sex of the baby on the way: expect a boy. But for the moment, he has not revealed what it will be called, so his followers are intrigued.

Julieta Nair Calvo met her baby’s face and announced the sex

From the moment he confirmed the happy news in October on the track of The academy (eltrece), pointed out that together with her partner they had already chosen the names, regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy. However, he confirmed that he was going to keep this safe until the moment of birth.

Despite the great moment she is going through, not everything is rosy in the life of the artist. In recent weeks, she received strong criticism for training with such an advanced pregnancy. Without hesitation, he shared the message where a follower told him what to do that kind of effort was bad for the baby.

(Instagram photo @julietanaircalvo)
(Instagram photo @julietanaircalvo)

Without overlooking this, the actress was upset by what she called “free advice” that she did not ask for and clarified: “I repeat it again: everything I do is supervised by professional people and they are the ones I listen to. Giving as an example something that happened to Noelia Marzol seems to me to be in bad taste. Not to place”.

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