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“It was sent through another window”: the unusual anecdote of Carla Pereyra during her first date with Cholo Simeone

It’s already been more than eight years Carla Pereyra and Diego Pablo Simeone they wear together. It was in the Spanish capital that one day they crossed paths and then they knew something was up. There, around 2013, the Argentine model and the coach of the Atletico Madrid they had the first date of many, which ended in a romance and marriage that lasts to this day.

In that first agreed meeting, the cholos had an attitude that caught the attention of his current wife and was revealed by her only now, in the documentary that premiered in Amazon Prime Video about the former player of the Argentine national team entitled Simeone, live game by game.

Carla Pereyra, Cholo Simeone and her daughter in 2018AFP

There, the 34-year-old model remembers with laughter the particular scene that she lived with the DT in the heart of Madrid. “Our first date was at a cinema on Fuencarral street in Madrid,” he says at the beginning of the anecdote and adds: “It was raining a lot, so there were a lot of people waiting and of course, you had to queue.”

The model and the coach of Atlético de Madrid at their wedding in Italy
The model and the coach of Atlético de Madrid at their wedding in ItalyInstagram

Pereira, who has two daughters with Simeone, made her husband’s anxiety evident by revealing: “Diego went and got in through another window, then one comes and says: ‘Chis, chis! To the queue!’” Entertaining to recall that special moment, Carla scolded the coach of the Atletico Madrid: “He thought he was Cholo, that he didn’t have to queue. It was fun”.

Carla Pereyra and Diego Simeone together
Carla Pereyra and Diego Simeone together

In the documentary where he reviews crucial moments of his career, not only in terms of football, but also related to his private life, the leader of Aleti recounts with his three oldest children, Giovanni (26), Gianluca (23) Y Giuliano (19), how difficult the news of his departure to Europe was for everyone to start his relationship with the Spanish club.

This is one of the most emotional scenes of the series, in which Gianluca, the current striker for Ibiza, comments on his father’s farewell: “You understand it when you get older. But I was 13 or 14 years old there. He caught us one day at night and told us ‘I’m leaving’. It was very hard, I remember. I started to cry, I was very bad… Do you remember that I told you ‘I don’t want you to go’? I felt that my father was leaving, it hurt me a lot.”

Gianluca, the Cholo and Gio Simeone
Gianluca, the Cholo and Gio SimeoneInstagram @giosimeone

The cholos, for his part, also shows how painful it was to hear the return of the smallest. “Told me: ‘Oops, you’re going to play against Messi… you’re going to play against Cristiano Ronaldo… it’s spectacular’. Then he was silent and told me ‘but pa, if it goes well I won’t see you anymore’. When an 8-year-old kid tells you, that he had at that time, it’s very hard, ”says Simeone.

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