May 21, 2022 9:28 pm

“I seek to have peace”: after a tragedy, he created an NGO to alert about faults in the electrical installations of the street

CÓRDOBA.- Luciano Aranda, 14 years old, was electrocuted last Tuesday night in a town square of this town. He touched a utility pole while playing soccer with his 12-year-old brother. An hour of CPR failed to save him. The neighbors had been warning for two months about the lack of maintenance of that column.

Due to a similar story, twelve years ago the NGO Relieving Hazards. The promoter is Sandra Mayer, the mother of Juan Aciar, of 13 years, that he died electrocuted when helping an older adult cross the street. The December 24, 2009, after a strong storm, the boy touched a garbage can electrified by a sign that did not comply with urban regulations. The death of his son became the driving force for Meyer to create the foundation to “take care” of the street and “minimize the risks of electricity.”

Through his work, the Electrical Safety Law in this province which was sanctioned in 2015 and was extended until last December. In 2021 in this district there was 18 deaths from electric shock –mostly in private spheres– and 32 fires from the same origin.

“The law is in full force, but it is only letter. We need them to act adapting all electrical installations to the norm. We are carrying out a campaign asking for this, different personalities are collaborating”, Meyer tells THE NATION.

The foundation seeks greater citizen participation: “Most like to indicate, criticize, but we want them to commit to helping. Us we do not have a truck with operators, but we manage, we send the problems to the multiplicity of institutions that coexist on public roads”.

The backbone of the foundation is to detect problems in electrical installations and billboards “because they were the ones that had an impact on Juan’s death,” says Meyer, but stresses that there is a “multiplicity” of problems on public roads: parantes de awnings that pedestrians take ahead, the lack of ramps or the destruction of those that are, and the windows that rebound outwards and that invade the public thoroughfare.

“Unlike electricity, other issues can be observed and processed –he emphasizes–, but electricity finds you and kills you. It does not give prior notice, no one can view it”. She says that she is not going to look for the relatives of the victims because, as she went through a situation like this, “I am always available, but I am not going to knock on the door.”

It adds that the State has the “obligation”, by law, to have electrical installations in a safe way so that citizens can be free from these dangers on public roads: “The municipalities had to present a planning or projection of the adequacy of electrical installations, but they had objections only in economic matters and left behind the priority of saving lives”.

the post that electrocuted Aranda is in the middle of a square of the Alto Alberdi neighborhood and its conditions must be monitored by the Municipality. The Provincial Energy Company (EPEC) is responsible only for the electrical supply. The Justice will determine the responsibility for the death.

“My son left and I didn’t see him anymore, he went out to play and never came back –the teenager’s father told Channel 12. I want my son and they will not give him to me. Do something so another boy doesn’t die again. Today it was my turn, but it could have been any dad on the block.. I will not accept that I will not see my son again.” The man has been a widower for two years. His other son, 12 years old, had to be hospitalized for the injuries he received while helping Luciano. Mayor Martín Llaryora contacted the family.

In the case of Aciar, the Justice determined in the first instance the responsibility of the company that owns the cartel and the Municipality for not controlling: “The appeals continue; processes are eternal. My son died in 2009 and we are still here. It can’t be justified. What we families seek is to have peace, to rest in Justice. I see how the systems ‘do the ironing’ and meanwhile people die and families fade from pain”.

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