May 17, 2022 2:42 pm

Grilled steak recipe round and round


Provencal sauce (optional)


  1. Heat the griddle over high heat and place the steak on the surface, without oiling.
  2. Salt and brown for 5 minutes on each side. For a dry, well-cooked steak, reduce the heat and cook slowly, allowing the meat to exude its juices and the outer crust to harden. For a juicier or more tender steak, cook over high heat so that it browns on the outside and is soft and bloody on the inside.
  3. The provenzal: mix the parsley, with the minced garlic, the salt and the spoonful of water or oil, or both.
  4. Brush with Provencal before grilling so that the meat absorbs the flavour. But, if it is a good cut of meat, it is convenient to serve the Provençal on one side of the plate to combine the morsels of churrasco with the sauce to taste of each diner.

There is no faster, easier, more nutritious and Argentinian dish than a good grilled churrasco. With bone and fat it is always tastier. It only takes 10 minutes and the kitchen does not get too dirty. The great trick so that your kitchen doesn’t fill with smoke is to put a lid on the griddle and, better yet, a good extractor hood on full blast over the burners. Five minutes on each side, and the food that is never lacking in Argentine homes is ready: the best homemade grilled steak. It is usually accompanied with a mixed salad or a tomato in the middle with oregano.

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