May 18, 2022 6:32 pm

Drew Barrymore confessed that he had an “open relationship” with a well-known actor: “It was fun”

From child prodigy to heroine of romantic comedies. Drew Barrymore knows how to reinvent himself, and since he hosts his own program, The Drew Barrymore Show, shows, in addition to her skills as a hostess, that she has no problem showing herself as an ordinary human being. Through memories and anecdotes, the protagonist of Like it was the first time, is revealing some of its secrets. This week, he had Kate Hudson as a guest and took advantage of her presence to make another of his unexpected revelations.

The actresses recalled that they met for the first time in a bar in Santa Monica. “With Luke Wilson,” said Hudson, smiling. “You were doing Alex & Emma together. I was dating him, but I was also dating other people”, Barrymore limited, following the game. He added: “We had an open relationship… We were young!”

But the story did not end there. Hudson, then, remembered: “I also had something with a Wilson”. In the midst of a fit of laughter, Drew reflected, “It’s funny. When you’re young you don’t take relationships so seriously, you just have fun. We played, we were actors, we went out. We had a great time.”

Indeed, Barrymore and Wilson were seen together several times in 1999, but neither of them had, until now, commented on the tenor of their relationship. Some years earlier, Hudson had a six-month affair with Owen Wilson, Luke’s brother.

Despite its short duration, the relationship between the protagonists of Three is a crowd, their names would remain associated in the collective unconscious for some time. It is that, on August 26, 2007, Luke found his brother in the bathroom, unconscious and covered in blood. He had cut his wrists and had taken sleeping pills. Days later, the younger Wilson entered rehab to treat his addiction to cocaine and heroin. And although it later transpired that it was the consumption of those substances, added to a great depression, which made the idea of ​​suicide appear in his mind, some American media were quick to point their accusing finger at Hudson and speculate on the reasons for the breakup. .

Hudson is currently engaged to musician and producer Danny Fujikawa, with whom she began her relationship five years ago. Together, they welcomed their only daughter in 2018, Rani Rose. From 2000 to 2007, the actress was married to singer Chris Robinson, father of her first child, Ryder. His second son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy, is the product of his relationship with fellow musician Matt Bellamy, from whom he separated in 2014. Barrymore, in turn, has two daughters: Olive, 9 years old and Frankie, 7, fruits of her relationship with her ex-husband, actor Will Kopelman. Previously, she was married to comedian Tom Green from 2001 to 2002 and producer Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995.

In October 2021, Barrymore hosted Green on her show. After introducing him, Barrymore told his ex how much he loves him, and he returned the courtesy. “It’s very nice to see you, although it feels a little strange”, he acknowledged.

“But I don’t miss it in a negative way, on the contrary, I thank you very much for receiving me on your program, it’s incredible, I find it very nice that we reconnect in this way, it takes pressure off the situation,” added the Canadian comedian, who then he sat with his ex at the table where the actress reviews the news, a segment in which he was able to intervene.

“I just respect you and adore you,” Drew told him. “Me too, a lot,” replied Green, who had been invited to the cycle the year before, but virtually due to the protocols of the pandemic, in an interview in which they remembered their bond in a completely relaxed way.

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