May 27, 2022 11:53 am

Disney +: Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures does its job, but without risking too much

Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures (The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild / United States, 2022). Film script: Jim Hecht, Ray DeLaurentis y Will Schifrin. List: With the voices of Simon Pegg, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Justina Machado, Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris. Direction: John C. Donkin. Available in: Disney+. Our opinion: good.

The ice Age turns twenty. The first film presented as an original rereading of three godfathers, hit the big screen in 2002, allowing Pixar and Disney rival Fox to find a highly profitable animated franchise. But the twists of fate (and business) led Diego, Sid, Manny and their entire group to join the ranks of the competition. And after five films released until 2016, this Friday arrives at Disney +, Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures, the atypical epic starring the frenetic mustela, whose debut was in The ice Age 3.

In this sixth film of the saga, the story begins with the opossums Crash and Eddie, who decide to escape from their habitat to start a new life. That path soon leads them to the Lost World, a wild place inhabited by hostile dinosaurs of all kinds. But there they will find Buck, a small creature but with a great temperament, who knows the codes of that habitat perfectly.

For Crash and Eddie, trying to adapt to a jungle full of dinosaurs may mean becoming the best option for breakfast, so Buck will help them escape from there alive. But throughout that adventure, the appearance of a dangerous dinosaur named Orson will make his plans a real hell. Because between Buck and Orson, there is an old rivalry. Years ago, the mustela tried to establish a peaceful coexistence among the creatures of the Lost World, while the villain only believed in the superiority of the strongest race, whose duty it was to oppress the weakest.

Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures, is presented as a new installment of the saga, when in reality it seems more like a spin off. It is evident that after five feature films, the intention is to find a formula that allows revitalizing this universe, exploring in depth places that were slightly known, or putting the accent on creatures that until now had played a secondary role. And that search led to Buck, a character who was rich and very popular with the public.

Orson, the new threat of the saga.

But the feature film seems to stop halfway. While Buck is indeed a charismatic hero and has enough charm to become the star of his own story, the adventure doesn’t fully realize his potential. The film cannot avoid clinging to a very cliché scheme, a plot arc that starts from introducing an apparently frivolous character and then gives way to an emotional moment, culminating the story with a fun final battle. (which does hide a pleasant surprise). In reality, it is not about checking if that formula is well or poorly executed, but rather it can leave little taste in times of Pixar or animation directors who seek to explore the limits of the genre.

Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck enough to give a breath of air to a saga whose last installment had been in 2016. However, the future of this universe is presented as a real question. Whether this episode is an epilogue, or the promise of telling new stories in the world of Manny and company, only time will tell.

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