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Check the results of the ONCE Cuponazo for today, Friday, January 28, 2022



The first prize winner of the today’s coupon Friday, January 28, 2022 is 55299, which will win €9,000,000. If you have participated in the Cuponazo XXL, the amount you earn is 15,000,000 euros. In addition, the winners of the 5 figures, and from the last 4 figures to the last figure, also have a prize. For the Cuponazo, these prizes range from 25,000 euros for 5 figures, to 3 euros for the last figure. In the Cuponazo XXL the prizes are from 40,000 euros to 5 euros for the last figure.

The Cuponazo is one of the most popular ONCE draws. It was held for the first time in 1987, although it was not until it was broadcast on Telecinco as part of the Telecupón program that it became really known in Spain.

Since then, the competition of draws such as the Euromillions has reduced its popularity.

The ONCE coupon It is made up of 100,000 numbers between 00000 and 99999 plus a serial number between 1 and 135. The prize obtained for matching the number and the series is 9,000,000 euros in the Cuponazo, and 15,000. 000 in the Couponazo XXL. The draw is held every Friday at 9:25 p.m.

The 6 additional numbers that have come out of the 2nd extraction up to the 7th are: 11351 and the 049 series, 33882 and the 135 series, 46628 and the 043 series, 78152 and the 028 series, 83195 and the 128 series and 99544 with the series 063. The winners of the 5 figures and the series win 100,000 euros if they have played the Cuponazo or 200,000 euros if they have played the Cuponazo XXL. The winners of the last figures also win a prize, from 3 euros for the last two figures to 300 euros for the 5 figures. In the XXL Cuponazo option, the prizes range from 5 euros to 400.

You can use the official online checker to check if you have won any prize with your Cuponazo or Cuponazo XXL for today. If you have obtained a prize, you can collect it only during the next 3 months, counting from the day after the draw.

Check the results of all the lotteries on to see if you have won a prize from the following draws: ONCE, Bonoloto, Primitiva, Euromillions and the National Lottery.

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