May 16, 2022 9:36 am

Argentine team. Los Martínez: a trio that provides solutions and always has a winning card

Three interpreters of Lionel Scaloni, formatted in this successful time, with wind in favor. Three essential pieces, which have the same surname and different names. Martinez, for three. Emiliano, a true unknown to the general public, the defiant and flying goalkeeper, few took him into account while holding the Aston Villa shelf. The young DT, at home and away from his chosen ones, took it into account from day one.

Newell’s, Defense and Ajax. Lisandro, the second Martínez, is the standard bearer of the low profile, a world if you compare it with the man who guards the sticks. He knows how to handle the ball, he knows how to score, he can play as number 5, but he feels comfortable as a defender, alongside Nicolás Otamendi. If Cuti Romero is not there, the young man from Gualeguay appears who was not on the radar of the most well-off. Scaloni had him in sight.

The third Martínez, perhaps the one who accepts the most flashes, is Lautaro, the famous. The one that exploded in Racing, flew to Inter and installed himself with impetus in one of the main leagues in the world. Lionel didn’t find out, that’s true. But it gave him the starring role, it was one of the consequences of the long-awaited -and delayed- renewal. Far Higuaín, near and far Agüero before his health problem, is the number 9 of the present, of the future. The coach gave him the final confidence, the shirt that everyone wants.

Lautaro Martínez, the scorer of the Scaloni cycleJavier Torres – Pool AFP

The Martínez, in their own way, were protagonists in Argentina’s triumph over Chile in the Calama desert. Dibu, from a day before, when he showed on social networks the excessive rigor and control that the Chilean authorities had in the arrival of the Argentine delegation. The goalkeeper took it with humor, but exposed the discomfort of the Argentine team.

He doesn’t like to be indifferent. He likes the leading role: he was one of the most disapproved by the Chileans in the warm-up. Later in the match, there was a feeling that he could have done more with Brereton’s header over his body. But nevertheless, never loses his composure, usually shows security at almost all times and he even took a threaded pitch from Paulo Díaz, River’s defender, at the end of the first half. And in the closing, he took out another bomb, when it seemed that the fate of the match was going to be a draw.

Emiliano Martínez, at the top, takes the shot from Paulo Díaz
Emiliano Martínez, at the top, takes the shot from Paulo DíazJAVIER TORRES – POOL

Lisandro had a hard time in the first few minutes. With the passing of the minutes, he found his best version. He has marking, projection, courage and the comfort of being next to a leader, help for projection. Unlike the other Martínez, who have a guaranteed place in the World Cup -not only on the roster, but in the starting team, unless something surprising happens or an injury occurs-, the defender knows that he has to earn his bread from each day. It’s one of the good ones. He is a defender who thinks in other areas.

“I like to play low down and give clean passes, to the foot. Also, giving assists, deep passes, beyond my main function.

It was the figure. And, surely, he will be a midfielder in the clash with Colombia, due to several absences. Lisandro adapts and responds.

Lisandro, with soul and life, against Alexis Sánchez
Lisandro, with soul and life, against Alexis SánchezJAVIER TORRES – POOL

On the other frontier, Lautaro feels as if he were in the backyard of his house, he plays with confidence, with the calm of an experienced player. It is quite a curiosity: for long minutes, it seems out of orbit, disconnected, without participation, because the ball is carried by others, Gonzalez, Paredes, De Paul, Papu Gomez.

As if he didn’t need to participate, as if life were going through other things. Until, suddenly, a change of front, a touch, a dribble, a surprise in the circuit of the others. He appears and rules. But not only in the area, far from that comfort zone. And when he has the opportunity, he usually does not fail. Rebounding, left-footed, he reaches 18. He is the scorer of the Scaloni cycle, a true symbol. Above all, because on the campus he lives with Lionel Messi.

Dos Martínez, side by side, to defend the Argentine goal
Dos Martínez, side by side, to defend the Argentine goalJAVIER TORRES – POOL

The Martínez provide solutions, towards the biggest dream, a world cup.

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