May 14, 2022 2:41 pm

Another coup in a country: four armed robbers broke into a house and surprised the owner

Four armed criminals entered today to rob a house located within a country of Moreno’s Buenos Aires party and stole cash and jewelry, police sources reported.

The event was recorded this morning inside the Prados del Oeste gated community, located on the corner of General Hornos and Alejandro Korn streets in the town of La Reja, in said party in the western suburbs.

Police spokesmen informed Télam that members of the Moreno Patrol Command attended after a call to the 911 emergency telephone number that alerted about a robbery inside the country. Upon reaching the gated community, the uniformed officers met with the complainant, 48 years old, who told them that four armed assailants had entered his house.

After intimidating him they stole a sum of cash that he had from the sale of a truck, as well as jewelry and cell phones. Later, the thieves fled through the rear sector of the gated community, while the victim was unharmed in the assault.

Police sources reported that the country does not have security cameras or a perimeter fence. He intervenes in the personal case of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 7 specialized in Entraderas, which ordered a series of measures aimed at identifying the criminals.

recurring robberies

In recent weeks there have been several episodes of robberies within countries. One of the most violent occurred in San Eliseo, where a couple was surprised and beaten by several thieves.

Detectives from Buenos Aires estimate that in recent days another possible hit in a country was avoided, by arresting suspects who were loitering armed in a closed neighborhood, aboard two vehicles.

Five men were arrested in the last few hours after being spotted by officers who were on patrol in the town of Brandsen, according to police sources. The arrests were made the day before yesterday, in the vicinity of the closed neighborhood “Malvinas I”, located in the aforementioned town in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.

According to the sources reported to Télam, the troops were carrying out a tour in the area when they observed two cars in a suspicious attitude near the aforementioned neighborhood and, after implementing a lock operation, they intercepted them when they reached the intersection of provincial route 215 and the street Aristobulus of the Valley.

During the search, the police found that five men who were armed were traveling in the vehicle. The spokesmen said that, when identifying the suspects, they found two 9-millimeter caliber pistols and a 22-caliber pistol, with their respective chargers and projectiles. A bulletproof vest, pepper spray, seals and four cell phones were also found.

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