May 21, 2022 11:46 pm

Agreement with the IMF: the first reactions of the opposition and the ruling party

After the announcement of Alberto Fernandez about the arrival of the new credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), On the same day that more than 700 million dollars must be paid for the first expiration of this year of a debt of 44,000 million, there were several reactions in favor of the ruling party, while from the opposition arch they pointed out the importance of a consensus and an economic plan that generates a predictable scenario.

“The agreement with the IMF is essential for Argentina to re-access the capital market and begin a process of ordering the public accounts of the State,” the deputy and neurologist said on Twitter. Facundo Manés.

In addition, he expressed that he hopes that the President will send the agreement to Congress and claimed: “We cannot continue to live in eternal uncertainty. We need to know the economic scheme that is being proposed for the coming years. A rational scheme is needed that cannot be only that of a government or that of a party: it must really summon all of us”.

For his part, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, was positive and said: “This is very good news for the country. The agreement generates confidence, inside and outside the country. The debt, as it was, was a problem. The agreement is a solution (…). We will be able to continue on the path of recovery and growth.”

In addition, he questioned: “The country had an anchor in the inherited debt. We needed this agreement to have more sustainability. We trust that the opposition will act with responsibility and patriotism.”

Another of the members of the opposition who referred to the official news was Jorge Macri, Minister of Government of the city of Buenos Aires, who on social networks claimed: “The president must reach an agreement with Argentine society so that everyone feels that there is a future, physical and legal security, and that the effort is worth it. It must generate trust so that no one wants to leave and many want to return. That is not achieved on a national chain.”

On the ruling party’s side, who also came out to celebrate the announcement of the agreement was the national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz, who remarked that the understanding reached is good news for the entire Argentine society. “The support of the international community was key throughout the process, from France to Mexico. The world supports Argentina and trusts in our recovery. The agreement goes to Congress because it is what corresponds. What should have been done with the debt and was not done,” he wrote in a message on Twitter.

He also criticized the previous government for the decision to resort to the IMF and called on the opposition: “The country did not need that debt, less so under those conditions, but it did need this agreement. We trust that the opposition will act with responsibility and patriotism. We have a solution, an agreement, a way. Now it’s time for all of us to row to the same side”.

Also the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini, right hand of the minister Carla Vizzotti during the coronavirus pandemic, he showed his support for the Government after the announcement and said: “After a long and difficult negotiation, Alberto Fernández announced asane that will allow us to move forward on the debt problem and continue to grow. Today Argentina looks to the future again. A future with economic reactivation, development, education and social justice”.

Alfredo Cornejo, national senator for Mendoza and president of the Interbloc in the chamber for Together, also reacted to the President’s announcement and although he celebrated the agreement reached with the fund on the day the country had to disburse 700 million dollars to pay part of the debt acquired In 2018, he complained about the months of anguish in times of negotiations and blamed Kirchnerism for it.

“Anything that leads to agreements with international organizations is good news. A year of anguish could have been avoided, but the obsession with the story of Kirchnerism harmed us all. Now we have to see the fine print of the agreement, “he wrote in a post.

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