May 22, 2022 3:20 am

What is the red spoon? The visual challenge that no one can solve

Visual riddles and brain teasers They are a great tool to test your skills, challenge your knowledge and have fun. These challenges gained great relevance in social networks where thousands of users compete to see who is the first to reach the result. Recently, this simple game that revolutionized TikTok went viral. Can you figure it out?

The user @ beckybaw777 published a video on her personal account and revolutionized users. Quickly the images added more than 470 thousand likes, 7.4 million views and 13,500 comments in which people tried to figure out what the correct answer was.

A black and white video features four identical spoons They are numbered from 1 to 4. optical illusion challenges the user to figure out which one is the red spoon.

At first glance you can see two elements that are the clearest and very similar, another spoon that looks totally black Y one last one that looks a little more opaque than the first but not as dark as the second.

Although it seems like a fun game for children, few of the more than 13 thousand comments managed to crack the puzzle. Due to this new optical illusion, @beckybaw777 blew away those who tried to come up with the correct answer and only a few got it on their first try.

In the clip below you can test your visual skills to solve this viral puzzle on TikTok. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry, it’s a complex optical effect.

Do you see the red spoon?: The visual challenge that revolutionized TikTok

were you able to solve it? If you are in doubt about whether your choice was correct, we will tell you which is the red spoon.

The author of the visual challenge, @beckybaw777, after leaving almost a day for netizens to discover the resolution, announced that the red spoon is number 4. Did you get it right?

The red spoon is number 4TikTok: @ beckybaw777

If your answer was incorrect, don’t worry, since it is a strange optical phenomenon. The place, who studied this challenge, spoke with the vision specialist Sage Edge, who explained that it is the Purkinje Effect.

According to the expert, it is a trend of the maximum luminance sensitivity of the eye. The color spectrum of the image is shifted towards the blue end at low lighting levels to adapt to darkness. “It means that colors with longer wavelengths, like the color red, will appear darker in black and white photos”, he concluded.

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