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The meaningful message of Thelma Fardin before the trial against Juan Darthés is resumed: “I could”

Thelma Fardin shared this wednesday an exciting video on his Instagram account in which he exposes the social impact he had his complaint against Juan Darthés and appreciates the support of her colleagues and her followers in the process. did it right before the trial against the actor resumes, who is accused of sexually abusing her when she was a minor.

In the material, which he produced together with the group of Argentine actresses, which accompanied his complaint against the actor, actresses such as Mirta Busnelli, Julieta Diaz, and Carla Peterson, which give voice to many women who have sent their testimonies to Fardin.

“Thanks to someone who spoke, I was able to speak, and thus we transformed the chains that bound us, into chains that united us, so as not to feel alone anymore and encourage us to tell our stories, ”wrote the former Ugly Duckling next to the video in the Instagram post.

The meaningful message of Thelma Fardin before the trial against Juan Darthés is resumed (part 1)

“Thanks to each person who shares their experience with me, sends me encouragement and strength.”, she added and explained that these testimonies comfort her and keep her strong to continue firm in the request for justice. “People have already talked, now it’s up to the system. Thank you colleagues for your work, ”Thelma sentenced in a clear appeal to the Judiciary.

The meaningful message of Thelma Fardin before the trial against Juan Darthés is resumed (part 2)

This video is published in the framework that this Thursday the oral trial for sexual abuse against Juan Darthés resumed which had begun on November 30 in Brazil, where the actor resides.

The meaningful message of Thelma Fardin before the trial against Juan Darthés is resumed (part 2)

In the court process three countries are involved, Argentina, Nicaragua and Brazil. In the first, the complainant lives; in the second the complaint was filed since that is where the alleged abuse occurred; and, in the third, resides the accused.

the trial will have eleven witnesses who will testify remotely before Judge Ali Mazloum. Among them are the famous Calu Rivero and Anita Co, who also denounced the actor for sexual harassment and abuse, respectively.

Thelma Fardin hospitalization

Days ago, the actress had to be emergency hospitalization due to drug poisoning. A little more than a week before the judicial process resumes, which takes place three years after his complaint against Juan Darthés.

And recovered, Thelma told in intractable (America) how she is going through this moment and talked about her present. “Unfortunately, my life is now marked by this (the trial) and I need it to end, to come to a conclusion”, summarized.

There isn’t a week that I don’t think about this.Perhaps personally I manage not to be focused, but suddenly the judge sends a letter and I am someone who needs to know what is happening“, he explained. And I add: “I have been battling for three calendar years”.

Thelma Fardin chatted hand in hand with Alejandro Fantino. video capture

Fardin described herself as very tired. “I’m not having a good time,” he assumed. At the same time, she clarified that she is satisfied with the way in which Justice proceeded. “Undoubtedly, it was better to have gone through this than not to have done it, it hardened me. And I have a feeling of great responsibility with the generations to come, of being able to tell them: ‘I swear I did everything I could’“, Held.

Before the question of Alexander Fantinus Regarding whether the public significance that her case took affected her personal ties, the actress acknowledged that breaking the silence brought its consequences.Without a doubt, this crime has many more victims than I alone. I am the one who suffered the most, but it is better that my environment is affected that I have a trial ahead”, he confided.

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